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Costa Allegra is drifting without electricity, 2012-02-28

February 28th, 2012 FleetMon.com News

Allegra, an ageing ship operated by Costa Cruises, the Italian cruise line that also owns the wrecked Concordia, was last night drifting without power and light off the Seychelles – in waters known for piracy – after a fire in the engine room. It had 1,000 passengers and crew on board.

The ship was left without power and light. Luckily they were in calm seas and 20 miles from land so there was no immediate danger of going aground.

The vessel now is beeing towed with the help of french fisherman to the Islands of Desroches.
Costa Crociere said the Costa Allegra is not expected to arrive until Wednesday morning “It’s a big ship and to tow it, to move it across the waters, is a heavy task,” said Seychelles presidential spokeswoman Srdjana Janosevic. She said that everything is calm on board the cruise ship and that no one is hurt.

Where that leaves Costa Cruises, a popular line with the Italians, remains to be seen. It has the backing of the giant US-based Carnival Corporation, so it will not collapse, but surely a new name and a new identity is on the cards.

image copyright: Miraflores



Welcome to new AIS ports and areas! 2012-02

February 17th, 2012 FleetMon.com News

It’s time again for our roundup of new AIS stations – Welcome to new ports and areas with live ship traffic on Fleetmon.com, Fleetmon Explorer and Fleetmon mobile!

Site update: Vessel Datasheets Reporting

The Vessel Datasheet reporting tool got an update today, thanks to your valuable feedback. Putting down relevant vessel data for later reference and sharing your knowledge about ships has never been easier than now, and we fixed some bugs with the Wiki field, so it is now possible again to write freetext information on important facts, incidents or history of the ship.

FleetMon Photobox 1.2, ship spotting on the iPad!

A nice gallery app to view gorgeous vessel pics.

Shouldn't take that long.

FleetMon Photobox on the iPadI was told that nobody likes to read long texts on the internet. So, here’s the essential stuff:

FleetMon Photobox 1.2 – a tiny app to browse our community’s gorgeous vessel pictures – just survived the approval process and should be visible in the AppStore really soon.

Beside the usual bug fixes, this version supports the iPad in its native shinyness… enjoy the class ship photography on FleetMon.com on your sofa… it’s “couch spotting” ;-)

As always: Thanks to the contributors! Boys, you have no idea how much we love your awesome work.

[Update] It’s there. Grab it while it’s hot!

Cruise Ship DISNEY FANTASY one step closer to Port Canaveral

The newest Disney Cruise Line ship, the Fantasy, has moored today in Eemshaven, after she floated out of its enclosed building dock at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany last week.

Picture: Track of convoying from Papenburg to the North Sea (Eemshaven, Groningen)

The vessel reached its final final stages of construction. This marks another milestone as the vessel heads toward its March 31 maiden voyage from Port Canaveral.
Almost a year ago, the Fantasy’s sister ship, the Dream, embarked on its maiden voyage from Port Canaveral, where it is based.
Both the Dream and the Fantasy are 4,000-passenger ships. They’re 40 percent larger than their two older fleet-mates, the Magic and the Wonder, which have been repositioned from Port Canaveral.

Try catching the track with FleetMon Explorer (live AIS), start at Vessels Detail Page:

Photo copyright Joern, http://www.fleetmon.com/community/user/168084_e5c21_Joern


AIS Azores coverage improved

New AIS reception on the island of Azores results in better monitoring of ship traffic in the central Atlantic.
Europe – America routes are passing our reception, FM is able to store positioning info of vessel fleets even better.
live vessel tracking of the Azores here:


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