Do you have any plans for the weekend?

To all tall ship lovers, vessel photographers and festival fans – don’t miss out Rostock’s 24th Hanse Sail!

Officially opened just a few minutes ago, the ports of Rostock and Warnemünde are already crowded: The famous historic tall-ship Santa Maria Manuela, impressive rebuilding Avatar and trader Tres Hombres are just a few of the many vessels that attend the event for the first time and share the berthing places with regular guests like the Gorch Fock, Hansekogge and Kruzenshtern.

First impressions from Rostock port

First impressions from Rostock port – that’s what Hanse Sail is about!

If you can’t join the party in person, get your share with the help of FleetMon:

  • Enjoy all vessel positions, tracks and spectacular ship photos on FleetMon.com
  •  Monitor the daily rides of the fleet to the Baltic Sea with FleetMon Mobile on your smartphone, available for free in your App Store
  • Enjoy live tracking for all ships with detailed track review in FleetMon Explorer and in our free Hanse Sail Web Map

The FleetMon Team will keep you posted on the event and share photos  on Facebook and Twitter with you!

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock

Tall Ship Sedov just arriving in time for the 24th Hanse Sail in Rostock!



Finally! Satellite tracking data fully visualized – Global vessel movements at a single glance

Which oil tankers are lying in the roads, waiting for an assignment in the Golf of Guinea? Or off Fujairah? And which vessels are engaged in offshore construction works in the Barents Sea?

FleetMon now has the answers that you are looking for!

Space-born tracking data has just been seamlessly integrated into FleetMon Explorer, enabling you to inspect vessel traffic and behavior in any region, all around the globe. Zoom into any area of your interest and immediately identify all vessels directly on the map.

The FleetMon team is proud to release this eye-opening functionality to all subscribers of our satellite-enabled subscription plans with immediate effect.

Have a look into the following images to discover your new possibilities with FleetMon Explorer. Or even better: Sign up for one of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat accounts and try it yourself!

FMX - Global traffic overview with satellite AIS

Follow the global marine traffic to the open sea with satellite AIS.

FMX - All vessels, all tracks, all voyage details globally

Inspect marine traffic from a global perspective and zoom into any area of your interest to identify every single ship at first sight.

FMX - vessel and voyage details at a click

Assess voyage details including last port, next destination and estimated time of arrival directly in the map. The vessel’s detail page with further ship particulars, logs and statistics is just one click away.

FMX - Offshore Operations in Barents Sea

Monitor vessels and operations far offshore, where normal tracking methods cannot reach. Navigation charts, weather data and display of surrounding marine traffic help you improve nautical supervision, weather routing and bunker planning.

Sign up for one of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat accounts for immediate insight into the global marine traffic here!

Looking for live marine traffic in the RED SEA?

That’s what FleetMon is looking for, too – so get in touch with us!

If you reside in Jeddah and have a little space for a small AIS receiver box from FleetMon, we’ve got a free AIS kit for you:

  • Simply mount the antenna of 1 meter length in a high location with free sight to the water
  • Connect the AIS receiver to a power socket and LAN jacket
  • And receive a free FleetMon Unlimited account and monitor live marine traffic as captured by you and AIS Partners all around the world!

Contact us and we will help you setting things up!

Red Sea covered by AIS

That’s what you want to see? Get the AIS kit from us!

Milestone! Technical particulars on 100.000 ships

The FleetMon team is more than happy to announce that the FleetMon Vessel Database just hit the milestone of 100’000 extended vessel datasheets!

FleetMon not only provides fundamental data like vessel identification, category and dimensions for about 400’000 vessels detected over the last years, it adds management information and technical particulars like tonnages, detailed ship type, capacities, engine and builder information for 100’000 vessels – more than the world’s current active merchant fleet!

This tremendous success would not have been possible without the valuable input (and sometimes tireless work!) of passionate FleetMon users all over the world, who update the FleetMon datasheets with their expert knowledge.

To open this vast resource to you, we have tuned the FleetMon Vessel Database further over the last weeks. It’s now really easy to pull up, say, the list of Liberian flagged bulk carriers between 120 kt and 300 kt dead weight (there are 133 of them):

The detailed list of ship types is neatly arranged so that it is easier than ever to pick the types of your interest.

New vessel types that become increasingly important have been added (like Offshore Installation, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) vessels), several ambiguous names have been sorted out and some rather old-fashioned and rarely used ones have been removed for clarity.

We know that with this fascinating variety among the ships we see on all oceans today, there will never be a final vessel categorization system that fits all tastes and definitions in the world. However we continue to strive for a vessel type system that is clear and easy to use, does not overwhelm the enthusiast and does not leave alone the professional. That’s an ambitious goal which we cannot reach without you!

So, enjoy the FleetMon Vessel Database, dive into 100’000 vessel particulars and let us know what you think!


March 27th, 2014 FleetMon.com News

Over the last two months FleetMon’s AIS coverage has been enriched notably thanks to several AIS newcomers! Many new ports and areas are shining now with different colors in FleetMon Explorer. Thank you very much for joining FleetMon AIS community and for illuminating:

Increased reception ranges with plenty of colorful dots can be enjoyed for:

FleetMon is always happy to welcome new AIS partners! Should you already have an AIS station or you are thinking about mounting one, feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you to light your area with AIS and present it in FleetMon Explorer!

AIS coverage for Eastbourne

Live vessel traffic around Skagen, Denmark

Bay of Bengal covered by AIS

Your vessels’ heartbeat at FleetMon.com

What’s this?
An electrocardiography?


No! It’s the long-term speed profile of a ferry!

FleetMon provides an informative speed diagram for all vessels. It enables you to assess the speed, distance travelled and lay time of any vessel at a single glance, letting you quickly identify stops, high speed or unusual behavior.

  • Do you need to analyze the utilization rate of ships?
  • Monitor the compliance with agreed speed?
  • Investigate speed claims?
  • Review a past voyage?
  • Or do you wish to optimize scheduling?

FleetMon’s unique visualization of historic vessel tracking data will give you quick insight into the actual performance of ships worldwide and help you reach your goals in no time.

Read on for a detailed overview of the new Vessel Performance Log and experience its effectiveness for your daily work!

CMA  CGM MARCO POLO speed graph

FleetMon’s Vessel Performance Log is not only an informative tool for your researches and analysis, but also easy to use:

  • Look up (search) any vessel of your interest,
  • scroll to the bottom of the ship’s detail page and
  • open the Voyage Log.

The map below displays the past track of the vessel. Find a smart profile chart of the visualized track, covering speed, traveled distance and lay time of the ship.

Maersk Essex's speed graph

The visualized track, speed graph, as well as distance and time moving calculations are synchronized. Way points in the voyage track and speed graph reveal detailed timestamps when pointing or clicking.

Adapt the displayed track and performance log to the date range of your interest and that’s it:

  • Vessel’s speed is visualized in combination with the overall average and maximum speed of the ship, giving you immediate insight if the vessel’s speed is in line with its usual performance.
  • The distance calculated in nautical miles reflects the vessel track as displayed on the map.
  • The indicated moving time is compared to the total time the vessel was within AIS coverage during the selected period.
Maersk Essex's speed statistics

Adapt the displayed track and performance analysis to the period of your interest using the Date Range Filter. FleetMon Unlimited users can analyze a ship’s track for up to 30 days into the past.

Let us know what you think and what other functions you would like to see at FleetMon.
As usually, the team behind FleetMon will happily provide you with answers to your questions and investigate individual solutions for your tracking projects.

Now, try FleetMon yourself: Ferry Hammerode


FleetMon mobile makes your wishes come true!

Within the last weeks we received a lot of feedback about FleetMon mobile. We listened carefully to your wishes and here is what we’ve made of them:

You inspired us to enhance the visualization of vessels on the map. The actual size and heading direction of ships is visible for you now, even when ships are moored or anchored. Check what’s going on in the port of your interest and enjoy this new dimension of detail.


Wow! See how a total of 3 tugs is helping the Maersk Missouri to transit a lock in Bremerhaven!

And we made things easier to use for you: Forget about the refresh button from now on. The vessel positions in the Spotting Map are updated automatically and you can actually see the ships moving on the map in real-time.

FleetMon mobile - true vessel dimensions on navigation charts

Easier than ever: Vessels move live on the map and you can change the map layers without leaving the spotter mode, using the new cogwheel icon in the toolbar on the right!

FleetMon mobile now makes you independent from standard AIS reception ranges. Users with an Unlimited Sat 15 or 50 account can follow their individual fleet to the seven seas and look up fresh satellite position updates for any ship worldwide.

FleetMon mobile - Satellite AIS data for Unlimited Sat users

Your ship is crossing the Indian Ocean? Add it to your My Fleet list and keep sight of it even when it sails on the high sea!

Last but not least, the main menu of FleetMon Mobile now includes FleetMon’s Maritime News. Get informed about what’s going on in the maritime world wherever you are!

Maritime News on the go in FleetMon mobile

With FleetMon mobile you’re up to date even on the go: Monitor vessel operations in port, check your fleet’s position, and browse through maritime news.

Go ahead, download FleetMon Mobile from your app store and see for yourself! And in case one of your wishes remains unfulfilled leave a comment below or contact our support team.


Keep track of your ships and save time!

No matter if you are a vessel owner, freight forwarder, agent, marine analyst or ship photographer – to do your job at best, you always need to get the most up-to-date information that’s available.

The FleetMon Explorer just got enhanced by full satellite AIS tracking capabilities, and if you did not use it regularly yet, we are confident this new functionality will soon make it your tool of choice:


FleetMon Explorer’s main view represents all vessels globally within live coverage, thus providing you with several position updates per ship and minute. Enjoy monitoring ship traffic in real time and raise nautical supervision and operations monitoring to a new  standard. By configuring different viewports, you can keep an eye on multiple areas of interest and situations in no time. And official electronic navigation charts with global coverage can be made available to you within minutes.


Track your fleet and other vessels of interest with FleetMon Explorer’s My Fleet list. Latest vessel positions will be displayed in a single view to allow quick assessment of status and progress. The presentation mode automatically highlights your ships and their tracks one-by-one, for supervision or presentation of your fleet on large screens. With our “Unlimited Sat” plans, users can track unlimited ships and enjoy seamless integration of satellite tracking data.


Find any vessel of your interest in the FleetMon Explorer Search View. See up-to-date information on the vessel’s destination and estimated time of arrival at a glance. Set a reference point and let FleetMon Explorer calculate distances and time till the closest point of approach. For users of FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat services the real-time tracking data is seamlessly combined with position reports captured by satellites. Assess trading routes, latest voyages and vessel behavior with a single click.

Best Christmas wishes and a gift from FleetMon!

December 20th, 2013 FleetMon.com News

The FleetMon Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year! Thank you so much for using FleetMon and the wonderful feedback and support provided over the year!

And isn’t Christmas the perfect time to give yourself some small treats? Well, this year, FleetMon keeps a special offer for you:

Save 15% if you upgrade your account to Pro or Unlimited!

Simply head over to the FleetMon Store, choose the package that you would like to give yourself and enter the following coupon code: XMAS15


Hurry! This offer is valid till Dezember 31st. To make use of the discount, choose “Upgrade” on our Prices & Plans page, follow the regular payment instructions and enter the above code during the last step.

All the best to you and your family,
Your FleetMon Team

South Africa, it’s time for presents from FleetMon!

Dear Cape Townians and inhabitants of South Africa!

If you haven’t put up your Christmas tree yet, we can offer you something more exciting than a green decorated conifer! What about mounting an AIS station absolutely for free and enjoying the live marine traffic of your area in the FleetMon Explorer without any limitations?

Currently FleetMon is looking for someone who is ready to become its AIS partner in South Africa by adopting an AIS station from the previous host. The AIS station is laying directly in Cape Town and is waiting to be taken into operation. The fully functional AIS equipment, consisting of a 1 meter antenna, an AIS receiver and converter device simply needs to be connected to power supply and internet. Impressive AIS reception range for South Africa can be provided, if the antenna is put at an elevated location with free sight to the water.

In addition to the free AIS equipment the new host of course will be awarded with a free FleetMon Unlimited account.

If you feel addressed or know someone living in Cape Town or on the coast of the Western Cape who could adopt the AIS station, please get in touch with us and we will arrange for the rest!

AIS coverage around Cape Town and South Africa

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