FleetMon Maritime Gallery May 2023

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Welcome to a very special edition of the Maritime Gallery on the FleetMon Blog. In the past years, we have always presented you special, outstanding, extravagant, or just very beautiful ship photos of our appreciated Ship Spotters. This time, however, we are focusing on our FleetMon team. For (almost) every team member, we have been searching for “their” ships and thus compiled a very personal Maritime Gallery for you.

Thanks to our loyal ship spotters. Keep up the excellent work; your ship photos are the heart of our community.

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Maritime Tradition Meets Modern Technology: An Exemplary Cooperation in the 21st Century

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FleetMon is supporting the sailing ship SANTA BARBARA ANNA in an innovative project to enhance the onboard experience of participants in its sailing trips. The 44-meter-long three-masted topsail schooner was originally built in England and, in its colorful history, has been used for fishing around Iceland, tourist trips in Barbados, and social youth work. Today it is based in Rostock, Germany, where it is operated by a group of volunteers with various seafaring backgrounds to practice and promote maritime traditions and traditional seamanship.

In full glory: the traditional and sailing ship SANTA BARBARA ANNA.
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FleetMon Maritime Gallery March 2023

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Welcome to the Maritime Gallery, March 2023 edition, where we showcase the most giant cruise ships in the world. In the past month, we focused on the fastest cruise liners, but now it’s time to shift our attention to the grandest vessels that take passengers on unforgettable journeys.

These massive ships offer luxurious amenities and entertainment and a unique experience of exploring the vast oceans. So, let’s dive into the world of colossal cruise ships and the impressive pictures our ship spotters took.

So, thanks to all of our loyal ship spotter out there!

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AIS Station Update 03/2023

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Welcome to our first edition of the AIS Station Update in 2023 and see how we extended our terrestrial AIS coverage worldwide. From time to time we inform you about the steady growth of the number of AIS stations we are setting up worldwide. This time we present you the expansion of our network between last December and this March.

Take your chance to become an AIS Partner and support global maritime transparency.

We are proud of the expansion of our network in North America.
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International Women’s Day 2023: Celebrating Women’s Achievements in the Maritime Industry

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International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th, is a day to honor women’s achievements and to support gender equality and gender justice. This year’s theme set by the United Nations, “Each for Equal,” calls on everyone to work towards a gender-equal world for all.

At FleetMon, we are proud to have twelve women on our team – about half of them are in management positions.

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FleetMon Maritime Gallery February 2023

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Some of them are surrounded by myths and legends. Some of them are real TV stars.
For ages, cruise liners are surrounded by a special aura and they exert a special attraction on people.

In this issue of the Maritime Gallery at FleetMon, we focus on the fastest cruise and passenger ships in the world.

So, thanks to all of our loyal ship spotter out there for these impressive shots!

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The Journey of FleetMon, MarineTraffic and Kpler Begins

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Exciting times at FleetMon, MarineTraffic, and Kpler! We reported last week on the significant acquisition of our company along with MarineTraffic by Kpler, which promises to shake up the maritime data market. Since the announcement, everyone has been excited about what this new partnership will mean for the teams and the industry.

We at FleetMon were very pleased to welcome Demitris Memos (CEO of MarineTraffic), George Charikiopoulos (Head of Business Technology at MarineTraffic) and Nikos Psaltopoulos (COO of MarineTraffic) personally in Rostock.
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FleetMon in Research: Using AIS Data to Determine the Power of Low-Frequency Ship Wake

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FleetMon is currently supporting the research project of Dr. Alexandra Muscalus from the Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”) in Atlanta, Georgia. She uses AIS data from FleetMon to investigate the impact of low-frequency ship wake on shorelines in the far-field.

Dr. Alexandra Muscalus identifying ship wake signals in the hydrodynamic data just retrieved from a far-field waterway. ©Dr. Kevin Haas
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