Successful Hanse Sail 2008

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The weather was our friend during this years Hanse Sail-luckily! About a million of visitors enjoyed this traditional baltic event on the quays of Warnemuende and Rostock Port. 230 sailing vessels from 13 nations proudly showed their countanance and wooden corpus. Thousands of visitors again took the chance to get a closer look at the “Gorch Fock“, “Zobel”, “Braunschweig” and other ships. The “Gorch Fock” will be back in 2009.

The results of the regattas: the “First ship home” from the big ones was the Clipper “Stad Amsterdam“, whilst you have to know that the schonerbrigg “Greif” -being second ship home- has got much less sail area that the dutch vessel. The “Greif” won a neck-and-neck race against the swedish brigantine “Baltic Beauty”. The winner of the single-masted sailing boats is “Stella Maris”. On Saturday especially the viewers in Warnemuende had an awsome picture of the fireworks, because at the same time they had the chance to watch the cruise liner “Regatta” leave the Rostock Port.

We hope that anyone who took the chance to watch all that via Fleetmon also had an great experience and enjoyed the Hanse Sail 2008!