Updates in february: coop with aishub opens the Black Sea

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coverage_in_february2009with Varna in Bulgaria beeing online, we are also covering a nice port in the Black Sea thanks to Peter of VTExplorer. The view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul gives you great maritime live and with the help of Mehmet there, we will also get some vessel images right from this wonderfull place. Sinisa shared his signal from Split in Croatia with us and we opened our new station today with the help of Andreas in the port of Limassol in Cyprus.
Thanks also to Henrik who managed to put the North of Denmark online and Lars in Malmö for his great “Swedish” coverage.
Look up in the North of Norway, the Ports of Riga in Latvia, Tallin in Estland or Kotka in Finnland. There is much better coverage now for GB and Ireland.
Samothraki in Greece will be our next shot this month :)
With all those new places to cover, there are around 2000 vessels per day more to handle.
We will work hard to release the next version of Fleetmon with much improved performance soon.

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