Rebuilding DS and new features already done in April

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Thomas and me are planning a new DS database for a while, which will be able to add different kind of data around vessels, even ships, we haven’t tracked yet via AIS.
Also the new Fleetmon – client is in the works and better community features for the site. This will be a major step for this website and there is a lot of background work neccessary. Hope to see the results in May, we are trying hard (in our small amount of spare time). Done already is the rebuild of the Vessel Gallery, with photographers credits and comment options.

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In between you could try the new comment feature for Vessel-Images, the option to flag images in question and the new counter of comments, shown in all Ship-thumbnails. We have extended our Forum and the Blog. Now it is possible, to upload or link images also in your posts / comments. This will make live easier for all of us, when talking about ship images.
I will use this new option to start a discussion with you, about image quality and workflow and hope for feedback. Have a nice sunday…. Lars