Free Ship Simulation Game Uses Google Earth Platform

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3D Ships Simulator<br /> game in Google Earth has released the first version of a free 3D simulation game which leverages the browser-based Google Earth plugin as the primary graphics engine. The game is called “Ships” and lets you take the helm on ships – barges, cargo ships, container ships, and even a cruise ship (the Queen Mary 2). Everything is in 3D, you can drive the ships anywhere in the world,
there are sound effects, physical modeling, and realistic visual effects that makes this a wonder to behold. Not only that, but the author – Paul van Dinther – has created some great camera tools to make it easier for people to follow the action and see the sights.

You can try Ships right now, click the “Play Now” button, and make sure you read about the keyboard shortcuts. You can also watch the video review of Ships by Frank Taylor, where you might learn more tips on how to use the simulator. Or, read Frank’s complete review at

QUEEN MARY 2 taken by veerluuker
QUEEN MARY 2 taken by veerluuker