new feature: watermarking your images

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we added a new way to secure your images against being published on the web by third parties, without beeing asked first. After some discussion in our forum and members asking for a solution, we came up with an automatic watermarking of images.

Since we do not accept uploaded images with interference of the vessels image, there is now an automatic way to secure your images with a switch, if you want to do so.

how to add a watermark to your image

how to add a watermark to your image

This will give people a chance to secure their images (possibly only part-time, when the newspapers are done with the next pirated vessel :-)
Everybody, who does not like a watermark on own images, check your profile page and unmark the option. We still prefer vessel images without extra watermarks in high resolution on this site. Willing to respect every copyright and listening to you, this is another step towards handling the copyright issues…

Effects, when text is given in your profile and switch is ON:
– no watermarks on small thumbnails in lists and preview thumb inside Fleetmon
– watermark is automatically rendered on vessel images in lightbox and preview mode
– your own preview of the uploaded image in full size will not be affected by the watermark, so you can happily continue using DS as your full size image store