Update: Friday, 2010-06-04

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[+] added new AIS antenna: UK, Strait of Dover
[+] added new AIS antenna: UK, around Ramsgate, (mobile)
[+] added new AIS antenna: NL, Terschelling
[+] added new AIS antenna: SP, Tenerife Island
[+] added new AIS antenna network: DK, North Sea, west of Denmark

[+] added search box for browser integration (get it from the start page)
[+] added color coding and list style for vessel search (cool, we think: got copied by VT in only a week :-) )
[+] added last Tracking, Vessels, Ports, Images list for logged in user, faster changing of section
[+] added thumbs up function, replacing image voting with stars
[+] added master image flag for vessel (available to ImageAdmins, 3min update time), representing image is shown with ‘star’
[-] removed pager on VesselDetailPage

[*] cleared up site structure
[*] fixed mobile api, still showing deleted images
[*] started coding on vessel data editor