Fleetmon :mobile v.1.5 out in the Apple store today

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Ooh Boy, this update marked the biggest effort since the release of Fleetmon :mobile in Fall 2009.
Make sure you set the right login data inside the iPhone settings to relish the brand new “My Fleet” function inside the app. We also started with a new Gallery feauture inside Fleetmon to show all this great vessel images in the best possible quality.
The open Digital-Seas community is growing fast. Enjoy perfect ship images, real time vessel tracking and live ship reports. Take part at our community forum.
With access to more then 60.000 unique vessel images, live coverage of over 20.000 vessels and a ship database with more then 120.00 records, Fleetmon is the fastest and feature richest App in the Store.

✔ new: “My Fleet” Function, manage the same Fleet list on your device and on fleetmon.com website
✔ new: Gallery of Ship Images , only accept the best in quality in full resolution for the iPhone (retina) and iPad
✔ new: Feedback function: send reports and comments from inside the app
✔ new: support for portrait and landscape mode on all devices
✔ new: map display with literal of sea area and nearest port for better orientation
✔ new: reDesign of vessel detail tab for faster overview and readability
✔ new: listing of last ports now also available on detail page (just swipe down…)

✔ testet with iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPad,
✔ local image cache for reducing the data volume of transmission
✔ new server for optimizing image resolution of various end-devices
✔ implementing functional authentification against digital-seas

✔ adoption to multitasking and memory available, saving all task states
✔ new APIs for all services, new servers (of course… :-)

• free Account on Digital-Seas Website needed, to make use of “My Fleet” and live tracking functions

We had 70% of our net-traffic due to scraping the content trough available interface-ports, so we decided to introduce a scheme of authentification. We expect discussions here, but there seems to be no other smart way solving the issue of dealing with servers under heavy load. In the end we have to secure our fair users and support them with a stable service. There is a good place inside the forum to discuss this topic:

see Demonstration and ScreenShots of Fleetmon :mobile here: