Image Quality Guidelines updated

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With the valuable input and suggestions of our top image uploaders, the Digital Seas Image Moderator’s team has completed an extensive review of the Image Quality Guidelines for Digital Seas. The new Guidelines are a little bit more relaxed, for example on bow and stern shots, and encourage a limit on multiple uploads for the same vessel. We felt that such a limit was necessary so all uploaders can follow equal rules and some disappointing situations can be prevented.

As always, image quality is most important and will always be the determining factor!

We hope the new Guidelines will make it easier for you to choose your most fascinating images for sharing on Digital Seas!

The changes in summary:

  • More liberal attitude to images – Bow and Stern shots are now allowed
  • A cap (maximum) on the number of photos a member is permitted to upload of any one vessel
  • A suggestion as to the optimum image size and shape to make images more acceptable in appearance when viewed full screen
  • Guidelines that are easier to understand to members whose first language is not English
  • Clarification of the site’s attitude towards modified (HDR) photos

See the Guidelines in detail on the FAQ page: