Fleetmon Sat mobile for Blackberry released

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We are pleased to announce the immedite availability of Fleetmon Sat mobile for the Blackberry. Now, ship owners using Blackberry phones can equally enjoy the comfort of quick and convenient fleet position checks right on their mobile, wherever they are, anytime, with the well-known security of the Blackberry system.

With the release of Fleetmon Sat mobile for the Blackberry OS, we are proud to support all major mobile plattforms: Fleetmon Sat mobile, the mobile companion App for the Fleetmon Satellite Tracking service, now runs on iPhones, iPads, Android and Blackberry OS 6 devices. Fleetmon Satellite Tracking provides ship owners with reliable and cost-effective global tracking for vessels and fleets of all sizes, hourly position updates for all ships equipped even on high seas, and a range of supervision and assessment features. Check out Fleetmon Sat mobile on Blackberry AppWorld – it’s free!