From the machine room with love

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In the very last days of 2011 we launched our new virtual home. It took us a quantum leap forward.
What looks at first glance like a new site, is so much more since we simply changed everything.
From the cellar to the rooftop.

FleetMon now sports a very sophisticated backend to meet our increased needs in terms of storage and processing data.
Currently, the sheer mass of about 1000 raw AIS records gets crunched per second!
More than 25.000 vessels are in permanent live coverage!
And we should have an eye on the community, too. Roughly every six minutes our lovely platform welcomes a new picture. Wait! I mean… Our new platform welcomes a lovely picture!

And this is – as you may know – just the incoming part of the medal. The other part is about delivering that data in a fashioned way. This is where it comes to statistics & mathematics and other things I don’t know about. I would like to provide you some stunning numbers here too, unfortunately I am not allowed to do so. :-)

Well, back to the topic. The main switch has been pressed, we’re now in the process of tinkering. Squeezing bugs, fixing glitches, sanding issues away.

As one of the early results, we rolled out an important update yesterday. Beside the mentioned fixes (Welcome, Safari users!), we added some features you might be interested in.

Meet a new panel showing new vessel data, top ports and top uploaders right to the homepage. Should provide you an even quicker way to take notice of the recent changes here at FleetMon.

Then we re-arranged some navigation elements to provide frequent visitors a cosy experience. Note the section “My FleetMon” at the upper part of the page.

Do you have some comments? We would really like to hear from you!