FleetMon Explorer with best precision in AIS track display, vessel category = label color

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We are introducing a new shiny labeling display.

We made the display of the vessel tracks even more precise and introduced a new modus for the last track of a selected vessel. If the vessel is on its journey for more then 24h FM Explorer will recall the traveled route to the last port visited.
The new feature will give you more insight with just a single click.

detailed display of vessels track in FM Explorer


category colors in vessels name labels in FM Explorer



Colorful labels with the name of every vessel names
are making your monitoring live easier :-)

The automatic labeling mechanism will start showing labels, as soon as less then 150 vessels are active in your viewport. We did some research and found this value matching general locations quiet well. The color of the label reflects the category of the ship.
This makes finding these clouds of tankers very easy…

So enjoy the new FleetMon Explorer display and let us know, what you think!