Germany’s new deepwater port: Jade Weser Port opened

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With the inauguration of the Jade-Weser-Port a few kilometers north of Wilhelmshaven, Germany has now its own deepwater port, able to handle the largest container ships of the world today. It is the most easterly deep-sea port in the European North Range, and approximately two thirds of the container traffic is exptected for transhipment to the European countries and Russia via feeder ships.

The location of the port, with an approach of only 23 miles, make it independent of the considerable tides in the German Bight and allow container ships and feeders to save valuable time and money.

The world’s biggest container ship company, Maersk, is the first customer at the Eurogate terminal and will route two different weekly loops over Jade Weser Port.

Look up for port arrivals and vessels currently in Jade Weser Port.

A few days before opening, MSC FLAMINIA, the container vessel that caught fire amidst the Atlantic in July and had to be abandoned by the crew, safely docked in the port for decontamination works.