Your daily dose of FleetMon: The “My Fleet” report

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Are you visiting often to look up your ships’ whereabouts? That’s great, you are welcome! But now FleetMon will also come over to you: Just switch on the new “Daily My Fleet Report”, and you will get a fresh status update in your e-mail inbox every day. Read it on your mobile in the morning and be up-to-date when you arrive at work, or print it out to have a concise overview for meetings.


The report e-mail not only shows the current location of your ships, but also highlights all important events that happened in the last 24 hours, like port calls, vessels leaving port, or changes in destination and estimated time of arrival.

To receive a daily e-mail with status and events of your fleet, just head over to your “My Fleet” page and enable this function. You can set the time of day when the report should be sent.

Daily "My Fleet" Report on your mobile

Daily “My Fleet” Report – read it on your mobile!