FleetMon AIS as a highlight in tourism

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That’s how you are welcomed by the Friesendorff family in their venerable captain’s house Klar Kimming, built in 1927. This friendly holiday resort is located on Amrum, one of the largest islands of the North Frisian Islands in Germany.

With its comfortable rooms, relaxing Spa and picturesque sights Klar Kimmimg conquered already the hearts of many tourists. And with the help of FleetMon an unique highlight can be offered to its visitors:

The ships that guests can see on the horizon are shown and identified on a TV screen directly in the captain’s house. Klar Kimming, located on a hill, has a great view onto the sea and thus is an ideal host of a FleetMon AIS station. With this AIS station the marine traffic can be captured and  presented in real-time. So the visitors can see on the screen when the next ferry is approaching the port.

We are grateful to the Friesendorff family for supporting FleetMon and are sure that the display of local maritime traffic is a valuable source of information and entertainment for the residents and guests of Klar Kimming.
The FleetMon’s users can keep track of the maritime events around Amrum island using FleetMon Explorer.

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