Tag your vessel – manage your fleet

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FleetMon team is always striving to make its website as convenient as possible  for  its users. My Fleet in your FleetMon account enables you to overview the movement and actual position of  the vessels from your list. And now this menu has got a new feature: with the help of “tagging” you are able to manage your fleet list.

Be sure, this function would be very practical by searching the ships in your fleet register and very easy to use. By adding the vessel into your fleet register enter the tag to relate the chosen vessel to the certain group. You are able to enter different topics of the tags. For example, order the ships in your fleet list by client, by status, by character, by type, by department and arrival or organize them  by ships awaited this week, awaited next week, or ships on voyage. You can classify the vessels by yourself and then have a quick access to them. This function will be very useful in case of long vessel list. Look how it works:
















Having tagged your ships you will not lose yourself by the searching of ships of your interest. The vessel tags will be displayed directly above your vessel list in the My Fleet window. When clicking on the certain tag it will become green and the filtered ships will be shown in the list:











Moreover you are always able to add or to remove the tags. This function is available in the My Fleet window on the right side. Click either on the black icon or on the grey one and add the new tag or delete or even write your personal notes:












Check out the new feature and enjoy your FleetMon account.