Satellite AIS Tracking for everyone! Just a single click away.

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Are you looking for a vessel’s position but it has not been refreshed for a few days as it is moving out of coastal AIS reception range? Now, you can just activate the satellite and find the ship, wherever it sails, immediately!

We are proud to introduce satellite AIS for everybody on FleetMon: All our users are now just a click away from satellite AIS position reports for their ships of interest. FleetMon’s combination of standard AIS and space-borne tracking data always offers the freshest vessel information available, even on high seas and in remote areas. And what’s best: There is no need to commit to a long-term contract – just activate the satellite polling when and where you need it!

Now, how does it work?

If the position updates of your favorite ship are overdue, have a look into the vessel’s detail page and check the information box next to the location map. Whenever a satellite position update is available, a green button will indicate that:

LESOTHO satellite position available

Click the button and a new window will calculate the number of credit points that are necessary to obtain the satellite position report.

Now it’s just one more click and your ship’s position will be updated:

LESOTHO Sat Update information box

When it’s your first time using the satellite position polling, we will initially ask you for your contact details (address and phone number). Just click the “request” button and fill in the short form that appears on your screen. Once your data has been verified, we will send you an e-mail confirmation.

That’s it!

LESOTHO accreditation and credit point purchase

In case your credits do not suffice to get a satellite position update, the information box will provide you with a direct link to our online shop. Detailed information about the FleetMon Credit Points is available here.