Discover the Northwest Passage with FleetMon’s Unlimited Sat Accounts

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The Northwest Passage, is a channel of waterways through the Arctic Ocean along the northern coast of North America, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Being a shortcut from Europe to Asia it is a prized gem in the shipping industry – in many cases, it can slash off thousands of miles of ship journeys, saving fuel, money, and precious time.

The Nordic Orion, an ice-class 1A ship, has become the first bulk carrier ever to undertake the successful voyage through a dangerous Arctic sea lane. Since 1969 there were any attempts to perform a similar challenge and to transit the most hazardous channel in the world.

FleetMon has followed the historically significant voyage and gives you now an unique possibility to assess the trip of Nordic Orion yourself. Thanks to FleetMon’s new global satellite AIS tracking technology you are able to watch the track of ice-strengthened Nordic Orion in the Arctic and to follow the vessel till its final port of destination in Finland!



Loaded with 73,500 tons of metallurgical coal, the 225-meter freight ship Nordic Orion started its voyage from Vancouver, Canada on September 6. The sailing through the Northwest Passage has enabled the bulk carrier to save four days of time in comparison to the traditional route through the Panama Canal. Furthermore the ship was able to carry about 25 per cent more coal because of the draft.





The well-performed voyage through the Northwest Passage may inspire further commercial shipping trips in the Arctic. With its superior satellite AIS service FleetMon enables you now to watch any ship that will take up a similar challenge in the future!