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Today, the FleetMon Support Team was asked to investigate the build date of the vessel MARITIME CENTURY. The information was easy enough to find, so we spent a few additional minutes and checked a bit further. Here is what we discovered on the fly:

The MARITIME CENTURY, a Panamanian-flagged bulk carrier, currently crosses the North Atlantic Ocean and is due to arrive at Amsterdam Port the 25th of November at 5 pm UTC. A quick glance into the vessel’s voyage log as captured via satellites revealed that the vessel’s last port of call was Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it arrived after sailing the open sea for 2 weeks. The scheduled time of arrival was fully met and after a few hours in port the MARITIME CENTURY proceeded further north.

Maritime Century's track on the Atlantic Ocean


The online port call history of the ship, just one click away from the detailed vessel track and dating back till October 2011, gave us immediate insight into the intercontinental voyages of the ship. It mainly operated between Australian and East-Asian ports over the last 2 years. On its current voyage it now interlinks the port of Paranagua in Brazil, where it departured the 31st of October, with Europe.

Port Call History of Maritime Century

Following the link to the Port of Paranagua we quickly discovered that alltogether 8 vessels left the port on the 31st of October, 3 of them loaded with agricultural commodities.

The current voyage information of the MARITIME CENTURY indicates that this vessel carries agricultural goods as well.
With one click we entered the trading database and learned that there are currently 39.923 tons of Soyabean Pellets onboard that will be discharged in Amsterdam.

Maritime Century in the FleetMon Agricultural Commodities Database

Do you remember our original task? We were just looking for the build date of a vessel. Using links in FleetMon, we came up with a wealth of vessel and voyage related information.

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