Get to know the new Photo Uploader at FleetMon!

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Many accomplished photographers already share their favorite vessel shots with the FleetMon community. Come join them now, present your own photos and benefit from a free Unlimited account!

Loading up your own vessel photos is as easy as anything with the recently launched FleetMon Photo Upload and Management tool. Whole collections of your pictures can be uploaded at once in a matter of seconds. Simply drag and drop them into the Photo Upload section:

FleetMon Photo Upload

Now use the Photo Manager section to assign your photos to the corresponding ships. You can review all your pictures here and filter them by the date of upload, number of  likes and comments, visibility and many more. The number of photos uploaded for a specific ship and how many out of these are provided by yourself can now be assessed at a glance. And of course you can revise the settings for your photos anytime by clicking the edit icon in the rightmost column:

FleetMon Photo Manager

The new Photo Feedback section gives you immediate insight which of your photos catch special attention. Review the comments and votes of other users and find out who is your fan. The easy-to-use date-range module and different statistics will help you to stay on top of things.

FleetMon Photo Feedback

Now get your camera or review your photo archive  and share your masterpieces with the FleetMon community. And keep in mind: you will be awarded with a free FleetMon Unlimited account as soon as having published 300 vessel images!