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What’s this?
An electrocardiography?


No! It’s the long-term speed profile of a ferry!

FleetMon provides an informative speed diagram for all vessels. It enables you to assess the speed, distance travelled and lay time of any vessel at a single glance, letting you quickly identify stops, high speed or unusual behavior.

  • Do you need to analyze the utilization rate of ships?
  • Monitor the compliance with agreed speed?
  • Investigate speed claims?
  • Review a past voyage?
  • Or do you wish to optimize scheduling?

FleetMon’s unique visualization of historic vessel tracking data will give you quick insight into the actual performance of ships worldwide and help you reach your goals in no time.

Read on for a detailed overview of the new Vessel Performance Log and experience its effectiveness for your daily work!

CMA  CGM MARCO POLO speed graph

FleetMon’s Vessel Performance Log is not only an informative tool for your researches and analysis, but also easy to use:

  • Look up (search) any vessel of your interest,
  • scroll to the bottom of the ship’s detail page and
  • open the Voyage Log.

The map below displays the past track of the vessel. Find a smart profile chart of the visualized track, covering speed, traveled distance and lay time of the ship.

Maersk Essex's speed graph

The visualized track, speed graph, as well as distance and time moving calculations are synchronized. Way points in the voyage track and speed graph reveal detailed timestamps when pointing or clicking.

Adapt the displayed track and performance log to the date range of your interest and that’s it:

  • Vessel’s speed is visualized in combination with the overall average and maximum speed of the ship, giving you immediate insight if the vessel’s speed is in line with its usual performance.
  • The distance calculated in nautical miles reflects the vessel track as displayed on the map.
  • The indicated moving time is compared to the total time the vessel was within AIS coverage during the selected period.
Maersk Essex's speed statistics

Adapt the displayed track and performance analysis to the period of your interest using the Date Range Filter. FleetMon Unlimited users can analyze a ship’s track for up to 30 days into the past.

Let us know what you think and what other functions you would like to see at FleetMon.
As usually, the team behind FleetMon will happily provide you with answers to your questions and investigate individual solutions for your tracking projects.

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