Satellite tracking, re-invented for you!

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Satellite AIS is great for tracking vessels all around the world, even on high seas. And if you still believe that it is only for big companies with big budgets, we have excellent news for you:

We have just extended FleetMon’s successful Satellite AIS Polling service, making it easier than ever!

You can now activate satellite tracking for any vessel at the click of a button, and track the ship for two entire weeks with full access to all available FleetMon data.

Got an important shipment to follow but you’re not ready for the full glory of a FleetMon Unlimited Sat plan? Then this new service is for you — just book the ships you really need and as long as you need.

Thousands of FleetMon users are already following their ships using the Satellite Polling service. Secure your access to satellite AIS tracking data now, too!


Decide yourself if you need an instant single position report, or if you prefer full tracking and data access. Just have a look into the voyage information on the vessel’s detail page:


Here you can access the most recent satellite position available for your ship, using the button “Show a single update”.

FleetMon will unveil the ship’s position and deliver an additional email report straight to your inbox.


So far, so good – but what if you want to stay up to date on your vessel’s progress over the next couple of days, or need deeper insight into all tracking information available for it?

Use the button “Track this vessel for 14 days” and unlock continuous deepwater tracking plus full access to all available FleetMon data for this ship!


FleetMon Explorer, FleetMon Mobile, your My Fleet view and the vessel’s detail page will now continuously reflect the most recent position available.

In addition to live data, the voyage log with detailed visualization of the past ship track will include the last 30 days, the port call history will reach back 12 months and all available schedule information for the coming 30 days will be visible for you.

Enjoy FleetMon’s premium service for the vessels of your choice! Remember, you’ll find it on any vessel’s detail page.

As always, we’d be happy if you share your feedback, wishes and questions with us in the comments.
And if you’re not finding what you are looking for, or if you would like to discuss a customized data service we are here to help!