ORBCOMM meets SpaceX, best SAT-AIS coverage is getting even better

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In short the private space agency SpaceX just brought up all 11 ORBCOMM OG2 satellites in nominal orbits and landed the first stage of its Falcon rocket successfully back on earth.
Think about that and all it’s implications: you fire up satellites into orbit and instead of throwing your expensive rocket into the ocean and build another one … you just land it, refuel it and give it another shot. What a giant leap!
Beside the fact that some nations couldn’t even build airports anymore (no names here), that is quite impressive.
For more information about SpaceX and the grand master Elon Musk, please read this article … the most funny and brainful stuff you will find.

And what about those ORBCOMM satellites?
Those OG2 satellites are quite small next generation M2M-satellites, which form the backbone of a growing dedicated machine-2-machine communication network. This new generation of OG2 satellites provides more bandwidth, better coverage and less power consumption.
But what we at FleetMon.com love even more, is that every OG2 satellite is equipped with an AIS payload to receive and report transmissions from AIS-equipped vessels.

Every new satellite in orbit raises the frequency of visiting a place on earth, a very nice detail for our AIS-satellite network, because every lonely vessel out there gets visited more often.

For our customers that means more up to date data on a global scale: 10-minute updates anyone? Let them do the math and bring all their hardware into place and we will see what this perfect mission will discover in the future.
Please visit the blog at ORBCOMM for many more technical details if you can handle it.

And now please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy SpaceX’s coverage of the whole deployment of the ORBCOMM satellites … like Santa Clause distributing the packets, very impressive.
They provided some really nice videos with telemetry data and all the nerd stuff that works in the dark. Have some nice and thoughtful days, best wishes.