Take advantage of our new gift credit point system!

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With the release of our new Historical Track module we now provide a free, monthly budget to all users of FleetMon with an Unlimited, SAT15 or SAT 50 account. On every first day of the month, your credit balance will be replenished. Should you already own a credit budget, the gift credits will be used first.

For example:
Your own credit balance amounts to 435 Credits. Now you get your 2000 monthly free gift-credits.
If you wish to download a Historic Track report (which depends on the number of position reports), and you use up 1900 credits, you will have 535 credits as a left over. At the first day of the following month, you, again will get 2000 Credits. Which means a total of 2435 Credits.

Depending on your account, you will receive the following balances at the beginning of each month:

Unlimited: 30 Credits
SAT15: 2.000 Credits
SAT50: 10.000 Credits

If you need port calls or historical AIS data of a vessel, then this is your chance!