Update: New Terrestrial AIS Stations August 2016

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We are permanently expanding our Terrestrial AIS Network!
To keep you updated, here’s an overview of this Month new AIS stations:

Toamasina, Madagascar

Toamasina is the capital of the Atsinanana region on the east coast of Madagascar. With the presence of the main regional seaport, it has a growing potential for economical activities. Toamasina is the country’s largest port, and therefore the country’s commercial hub, handling much of the island’s foreign trade. The city covers comfortably between the Bay Ivondro and the immense beach along the bay and the Indian Ocean.

see port of: Toamasina

Kochi, India

Kochi is a city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the state of Kerala. Informally, Kochi is also referred to as the commercial capital of Kerala. The city ranks among India’s major seaports, partly due to being one of the safest harbours in the Indian Ocean. The port, administered by a statutory autonomous body known as the Cochin Port Trust, offers facilities for bunkering, handling cargo and passenger ships and storage accommodation. The Shipyard of Kochi is one of the leading ship building and ship repair yards in the country. It is involved in building/repairing tankers, bulk carriers, tugs, patrol vehicles, passenger vessels and docking pontoons.

see port of: Kochi

Norrtälje, Sweden

Norrtälje municipality is centred in Roslagen. It’s located just an hour from Stockholm and is near to both Uppsala and Arlanda. The Port of Kapellskär is located by the Baltic Sea, in Norrtälje Municipality and is served by frequent passenger ferry services to Mariehamn, Åland, Finland, operated by Viking Line, with 3 services per day and direction during peak season.

see nearest port: Hallstavik

Mount Pleasant, United States

Mount Pleasant is a large suburban town in Charleston County, South Carolina, United States. The Port of Charleston is a seaport located near Mnt. Pleasant. The port’s facilities span three municipalities — Charleston, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant — with five public terminals owned and operated by the South Carolina Ports Authority. Wando Welch Terminal – used for container cargo, located in the town of Mount Pleasant is one of them. All five facilities handle containers; motor vehicles; and other rolling stock, non-containerized goods and project cargo, as well as Charleston’s cruise ship operation.

see port of: Mount Pleasant

Duisburg, Germany

Duisburg is a German city in the western part of the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) in North Rhine-Westphalia. With the world’s biggest inland harbor, the „Duisport“, Duisburg has become an important venue for commerce and steel production. It is officially regarded as a “seaport” because seagoing river vessels go to ports in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Each year more than 40 million tonnes of various goods are handled with more than 20,000 ships calling at the port.

see port of: Duisburg

Mallorca, Spain

Majorca or Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. Since the 1950s, Majorca has become a major tourist destination, and the tourism business has become the main source of revenue for the island. Majorca has been jokingly referred to as the 17th Federal State of Germany, due to the high number of German tourists.

see port of: Mallorca

Smiths Creek, United States

Smiths Creek is at the southwestern corner of Kimball Township and the northern portion of Saint Clair Township on the Smiths Creek tributary of the Pine River at. Both the community and the stream were named for Elisha Smith, an early landowner. Smiths Creek was the county seat of St. Clair County from 1869 until April 1871, when it was removed to Port Huron.

see nearest port: Sarnia

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