Improving supply chain management

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A well-managed supply chain can make all the difference to a business – the difference between success or failure, profit or loss. Two FleetMon experts recently presented a paper on how to improve supply chain management at the recently held 23rd International Symposium “Research – Education – Technology”, which was hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Stralsund, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, on 12-13 October 2017.

The paper prepared by FleetMon’s Sebastian Hübner and Carsten Hilgenfeld along with two other colleagues was entitled “Using dashboards to optimize supply chain management with AIS-based improved ETA calculation”. The FleetMon experts had been invited to the Symposium because of the improvements such a dashboard-based solution can bring to supply chain management. After all, knowing exactly when the ship carrying your cargo will arrive at a certain port is key to efficient supply chain management. FleetMon’s AIS-based vessel tracking service informs customers about the precise movements and estimated times of arrival (ETA) of any ships they are interested in – anywhere in the world. As outlined in the paper, all the information of relevance to supply chain management is displayed on a single dashboard, an extremely convenient solution first developed for a global automotive group.

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