MCN Maritime Safety Group set up

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At the Maritime Safety Conference held in Rostock, Germany, at the end of January, a specialist Maritime Safety Group was set up by the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN). As one of the pioneers of real-time AIS vessel tracking, MCN member FleetMon will be represented on the group’s Executive Committee.

The MCN membership is made up of some 300 firms, maritime authorities and other stakeholders from the Northern German states of Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania – all states with a strong maritime tradition and vested interests in the shipping, shipbuilding, ship repairs and offshore industries. All MCN members have a common goal: improving networking amongst the commercial and research communities in Northern Germany’s maritime sector. MCN aims to promote and develop cooperation in the Northern German maritime industry, give the maritime industry a voice, create platforms so that stakeholders are able to interact with each other, and also promote interfaces with other industries in an innovative, technology-oriented and forward-looking way.

Among other things, the recent Conference focused on the growing challenges arising from ever-bigger cruise liners and the resultant increased risk of collision. In this context one of the technical innovations presented at the Conference attracted a considerable amount of attention amongst attendees: FleetMon’s new monitoring systems for the hubs of seaborne trade and the fast-growing LNG carrier segment.




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