Film Project: Into the Atlantic – With FleetMon AIS

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A journey into the unknown. In April the North Sea is rough and cold. The average water temperature is settled at 8ºC, the wind blows with up to 60 knots and 11 meters tidal range isn’t extraordinary. Such a journey needs faith –  into your boat and your companion.

On March 30, Yenzi Brüggemann and Raleigh Gambino are going to start their tour from Amsterdam heading towards Färöer, a small group of islands in the North Atlantic. That means two friends alone on a sailing boat in the middle of the ocean.

The goal is to make a documentary film about the adventure. That the journey already delivers a really good bonfire story is clear. But will the journey have enough material for a whole film?

To get the material that is needed, FleetMon, as a pioneer in AIS tracking worldwide, provides support for this project thru a Track-Map in combination with a GPS satellite tracker installed on board. The satellite tracker was mounted onto the sailing boat with a lot of duct tape and love in the middle of the bedroom directly under the nose hatch. Equipped with this you can always see where Yenzi and Raleigh are and also where they have been. A really great project we are proud of sponsoring.


Momentarily Yenzi and Raleigh are heading to north on their 11m Breehorn, you can track the sailing boat of the gluten free American and the vegan German via FleetMon at every time!

The wind coming from north is really tough and challenging, but they will start “Into the Atlantic” soon!

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