FleetMon’s ship spotter “Meet & Greet” held in Hamburg / Germany, Dec 2019

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Only one moment to take the perfect shot. Ship spotting is a hobby made for true vessel enthusiasts, crew members, people working in the nautical field and other maritime fans. Equipped with warm socks, raincoat, field glasses and most important – a camera – ship spotters head out to take pictures of all kinds of vessels: passenger ships, tankers, bulkers, cargo vessels – Nothing is safe from their focused lenses. German Ship spotters can be found at the major ports, terminals and nearby bridges of Hamburg, Cuxhaven, Kiel, and Warnemünde.

Ship spotters upload their pictures to vessel tracking platforms like FleetMon.com to enlarge their personal photo galleries. FleetMon is based in Rostock/ Germany and celebrates its 10th anniversary in summer 2020. During the last decade, far more than 600.000 vessel pictures have been added to our vessel image database. Providing users with high-quality pictures of over 70.000 different vessels truly adds value to our vessel database.

FleetMon is leading when it comes to vessel image quality due to the efforts of our growing ship spotter community. All uploaded vessel images have to meet the FleetMon standards described in the Photo Quality Guidelines and Copyright Notes.

Without those vessel enthusiasts, FleetMon.com wouldn’t be as appealing as it is. Each month around 8000 new vessel pictures are being uploaded to FleetMon.com. Up to 200 new vessel pictures appear daily! More than 5000 active ship spotters contribute to our community and vessel image database each month.

Our ship spotter community means a lot to us!

In December 2019 we organized a “Meet & Greet” event in the area of Hamburg to meet up with ship spotters of the area. This was a great opportunity for us to say “Thank you” for their efforts during the year 2019! The event took place at Restaurant Finkenwerder Elbblick, of course overlooking the river Elbe and several incoming vessels. 13 ship spotters accepted our invitation to meet up with Sebastian and Juliane of FleetMon. Both are part of the support team and take care of the concerns of the FleetMon community. Events like these are perfect occasions to help shape the community platform in the future.

Many interesting topics of 2019 were directly addressed to Sebastian and Juliane. Both took action and organized an internal meeting together with the support and development team and other involved colleagues afterward. The addressed concerns and ideas will help to develop new features and restructure the community platform to better suit the needs of our ship spotters and other FleetMon.com users.


Thank you for your feedback! We can already tell that 2020 will be full of new features to further improve our platform. To gain even more insights on the needs of our global community, there will be a next ship spotter “Meet & Greet” event in 2020.

Stay tuned!


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