FleetMon raising awareness of marine pollution through sponsorship of documentary project

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In October 2019 a German producer and environmental activist turned to us in need of support for a documentary project. Together with his team, he examines if trash of German rivers could contribute to coastal pollution of the Lofoten, a group of islands in the north of Norway. The idea is to build buoys equipped with GPS devices and track their journey to demonstrate the flow of German plastics.


FleetMon values curiosity and ingenuity! We support the project team by sponsoring the first batch of GPS devices for free.


The devices will be placed inside customized buoys. The buoys are made of sustainable or recycled material to start their journey in the major German river Elbe to simulate how German trash might move.



The story behind


In 2018 he traveled to the Lofoten islands and met a kayak scout offering cleanup trips to tourists to raise awareness for the situation on-site.

Being part of a cleanup trip, he found trash appearing to originate from Germany. Is it possible that German trash moves all the way to the North Sea or even to the Arctic Ocean to appear on the coast of the Lofoten?

This experience inspired Steffen Krones to produce a documentary film that will be broadcasted by MDR, a regional German TV station at the end of 2020. MDR WISSEN broadcasted a trailer to promote the project.


Watch the preview video by producer Steffen Krones to hear the full story.


FleetMon takes part in sponsoring projects like this to speak up for individual environmental responsibility and environmental protection.


If you would like to support this inspiring initiative, feel free to make a donation and spread the word.

Follow the activities of the project team on Instagram @flaschenpost_aus_dresden.