What helps against Corona boredom?

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We show you three activities on FleetMon made for real ship lovers to get Coronavirus pandemic out of your head.

Global Coronavirus led to minimizing public life and impacts our habits as well. Many people are not only forced to stay in quarantine at home but also voluntarily hide themselves away with their families. We show you three activities on FleetMon made for real ship lovers. To all the pilots, navigators, seafarers, long-term crew members, and ship spotters: Now is the perfect time to become involved in our community-based platform to forget the Coronavirus madness for a while.

1. Vote for the Photo of the Week 

Coronavirus made us reduce social and physical contacts to a minimum. Are you feeling a little bit lonely at the moment? Feel free to visit our open-hearted community. Every week we announce a photo of the week on FleetMon and share it on our social media channels (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram). Votes select the picture of the week. Every Monday, the image with the most votes in 14 days will become Photo of the Week. Support our community and vote for your favorite vessel photo. All FleetMon users can rate vessel photos. Log into your account or register for free to vote for an image or leave a comment to the photographer.

Have fun rating high-quality vessel photos.

The photo of the month is selected based on the most votes in the last 60 days. Check out our vast vessel photo database and make a ship spotter happy!

2. Upload your vessel images

You live or work near a port or terminal? 

Use your spare time to take a walk and shoot some incoming vessels. For inspiration, look at the profile page of Miraflores, who lives near the Kiel Canal, which is a great shooting place for German ship spotters. He uploaded thousands of vessel images to FleetMon during the last 13 years! Every member of the FleetMon community is welcome to share their vessel photos with us. Easily use the Photo Manager to upload and edit your images. Please read the article on our Photo Guidelines before you get started. Our community of photographers and vessel enthusiasts will accept you with a warm welcome!

Also, you can share your images directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

3. Edit vessel datasheets

Our vessel database contains more than 500,000 vessels. In the vessel datasheets, you find extensive information about each ship. Category, vessel type, year of build, draught, maximum speed, length, gross tonnage, capacity information like person and cargo capacity, engine data, former name history, and much more information is available.

Thanks to the hard work of our hundreds of thousands of users who keep on editing datasheets and adding information, our vessel database has grown to one of the largest of its kind over the last years. Are you a seafarer or a vessel enthusiast working in the maritime industry? There are still lots of vessels lacking information in their vessel datasheet. You’re welcome to share your expertise with us!