FleetMon offered free data for Corona spread research

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Selling maritime data is our business. Know more about why we decided to provide port call data to German authorities and research institutes at no costs.

In March FleetMon published a German press release and spread it to national and local health authorities, medical offices, and research institutes. In the press release, we announced that FleetMon offers free port call data to support German health entities in times of the corona crisis.

AIS data for the benefit of the public

FleetMon collects and processes 500 million vessel position data worldwide every day throughout our own extensive terrestrial AIS receiver station network. Automatic Identification System (AIS) provides useful data to analyse the maritime flow of people and goods worldwide. Via AIS it is possible to identify each ship that left China after the virus outbreak and called at a German or European port. Having access to this kind of maritime data might be useful for coronavirus-related research, for planning preventive measures, and for various kinds of analysis.

Why not provide health authorities and research institutes with those maritime data, so they can do research to benefit the general public?

Port calls from Chinese risk areas

First, we identified the 30 most crucial ports in China concerning trade volume and the flow of goods, including Wuhan and Shanghai. Our data analysts created a dataset with all vessels that have left one of the ports being categorized as Chinese risk areas and called at a German port between the first Dec 2019 and Feb 28, 2020. The dataset includes the following fieldset: IMO number, vessel name, time of arrival, time of departure, vessel type, length and width, port name, LOCODE, and flag. The free dataset is available on demand for health authorities, offices, and (medical) research institutes.

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Read the original press release in German.