Which cruise ships have been sold or scrapped since COVID-19?

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Cruise ships became the first hot-spots of the deadly Coronavirus, with luxury yachts and mega cruises turning into large quarantine centers. FleetMon reported on the developments since the beginning of the pandemic. Governments all around the world resorted to imposing a strict ‘No Cruise’ ban.

With COVID-19 impacting all sectors of the economy, the cruise industry has been particularly brought to its knees.

With the figures we’re going to show you now, it becomes apparent that the sheer scale of this global shutdown is unlike something the industry has ever witnessed, easily dwarfing global events like 9/11 or stock market crashes.

Cruise liner Queen of the Oceans by ship spotter AIS-Split

A total of 34 cruise ships have been sold or scrapped off this year. Many shipping lines, including Britain’s Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV), went bankrupt in 2020. Even Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the world’s biggest cruise lines, was on the verge of bankruptcy until a $2 billion loan came to their rescue.

In September 2020, Carnival Corporation announced plans to sell 18 “less efficient” cruise ships in the coming months, resulting in a 12% reduction of its overall fleet.

Here’s the whole list of vessels that were sold off/scrapped  in 2020 as per their companies:

Carnival Corporation:

This includes a sum total of 15 cruise ships, with many of them being beached in Aliaga, Turkey to see itself transformed into steel. Other fortunate ones get sold off prospective buyers that tend to reuse it, preferably as a cruise ship, and sometimes, as a floating hotel!

1. Costa Victoria:

This 1996 built Costa Crociere will be scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey in January 2021. Anchor handling supply vessel VOS Chablis conveyed the cruise liner to Turkey, since there was no technical or nautical equipment left on board.

2. Carnival Fantasy:

Carnival Cruise Line sold off this 1990 built cruise ship to Turkish scrappers. It is currently being dismantled in Aliaga.

3. Carnival Inspiration:

Like Carnival Fantasy, this 70,367 DWT cruise ship too will see it’s journey end on the beaches of Turkey’s Aliaga.

4. Costa neoRomantica:

Bought by Celestyal Cruises to be administered as the Celestyal Experience. The first season is slated to start in March 2021.

5. Oceana:

P&O Cruises sold off this 2000 built cruise ship to the Greek ferry operator Seajets and renamed Queen of the Oceans. Operation plans are yet to be announced by the new owners.

6. Maasdam (or Aegean Myth):

Holland America Line sold this to Greek ferry operator Seajets, who hasn’t announced any plans for the vessel yet.

7. Veendam (or Aegean Majesty):

Sold to Seajets along the sister-ship Maasdam. The Greek ferry operator hasn’t declared any strategies for its newly amassed cruise ships.

8. Amsterdam (or Bolette):

Holland America Line sold this relatively new built ship to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines which has been renamed Bolette. The vessel is slated to take over Boudicca’s itineraries from March 2021.

9. Rotterdam (or Borealis):

Another of Holland America’s cruise ships that has been sold to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. Renamed Borealis, the ship will replace Black Watch, entering into service in April 2021.

10. Carnival Imagination:

Sold to Turkish scrappers; currently being dismantled in Aliaga.

11. Pacific Dawn (or Satoshi):

P&O Australia sold off this 1,590 DWT cruise ship in September. New owners plan to transform the vessel into a floating cryptocurrency community off Panama.

12. Sun Princess:

Acquired by Japan Grace; replacing both the Ocean Dream and the Zenith as Peace Boat’s sole vessel.

13. Sea Princess:

Princess Cruises sold off this vessel to undisclosed buyers in a deal that took place in much secrecy.

14. Carnival Fascination:

Expected to become an accommodation ship in Asia after being sold to new owners.

15. Pacific Aria:

Sold to Greece’s Seajets, who hasn’t revealed its plans for the ship.

16. Grand Celebration

As early as September 2020 the cruise line announced that the vessel would return sailing on November 4, 2020. But that date never happened due to the CDC’s no-sail-order. The Grand Celebration is beached in Alang, India, ready to be scrapped soon.

Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV):

Cruise and Maritime Voyages is the largest cruise line to go out of business during the coronavirus pandemic. It went insolvent on 20th July 2020 after failing to secure a financial channel to keep the company afloat.

1. Vasco da Gama:

Currently insolvent Cruise and Maritime Voyages(CMV) sold off this ship in an auction for $10,187,000.

2. Columbus:

Sold in an auction for $5,321,000 to the Greek ferry operator Seajets.

3. Astor:

Another of CMV’s cruises, this ship has been sold off for $1,710,000, and is projected to be scrapped.

4. Magellan:

Sold to Seajets in an auction for $3,431,000.

5. Marco Polo:

Sold in an auction for $2,770,000; beached in Alang, India in January 2021, soon to be scrapped.

Cruise liner ASTOR by ship spotter kanalratte

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines:

1. Boudicca:

Buyer intends to use the ship as a floating hotel, after buying it off from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines earlier this year.

2. Black Watch:

Another of Fred Olsen’s fleet, this ship too will be used as a floating hotel.


Cruise liner Marella Celebration by ship spotter bobjak

1. Marella Dream:

Laid-up in Greece with future unknown.

2. Karnika:

Sold off in November, with its current future being unknown.

3. Albatross:

Sold to the Pick Albatros Group, who plans to use it as a hotel ship in the Middle East.

4. Ocean Dream:

Japan Grace/Peace Boat has laid up this 1985 built cruise ship, that has been replaced by a modern, larger vessel.

5. Zenith:

Another of the Japan Grace/Peace Boat fleet, this ship has been laid-up in Greece after being superseded by a modern, larger vessel.

6. Berlin:

FTI group’s Berlin has been Sold to Dreamliner Cruises and scheduled to a new life as a personal yacht.

7. Marella Celebration:

Built in 1984, the ship now remains in Greece, and is projected to be scrapped sometime this year.

8. RCGS Resolute:

This OneOcean Expeditions cruise ship has been sold in an auction for $600,000.

9. Monarch:

This one fell prey to Aliaga’s scrappers, and is currently being scrapped in Turkey.

10. Sovereign:

Pullmantur Cruceros sold off this 2,276 seater cruise ship to Turkish scrappers. It is currently being dismantled in Aliaga.

11. Horizon:

This 1999 Pullmantur Cruceros ship is currently laid up in Greece, with further plans of it being scrapped already in place.

12. Saga Sapphire:

Saga Cruises sold this 1981 build ship for further service in Europe in 2019. It has been delivered to its new owners this year. The new owner is Turkey’s ANEX Tours, who plans to operate the vessel in the Adriatic from 2021.

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