FleetMon Maritime Gallery March 2021

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Welcome to the first edition of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the best maritime photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community for “Photo of the Week” and “Photo of the Month”. You also have the chance to view special shots and photos which are less popular but in the same way extraordinary.

This month, we’ll start with showcasing a selection of the best tugboat photos in our monthly Maritime Gallery. Enjoy great vessel photography!


VB PROMPT by Ship spotter U-kasz

Tug boat VP PROMPT returns to the Schlepperbrücke after having finished its work in Hamburg, Germany. Ship spotter U-kasz captured the Germany-flagged tug in extraordinary lighting conditions! U-kasz uploaded more than 5500 photos to FleetMon.com and joined our community in 2009.


BUGSIER 7 by Ship spotter Claus_Gaser

Have a look at this Germany-flagged tug boat called BUGSIER 7. This photo has been taken by ship spotter Claus_Gaser who is a member of our community since Dec 2017. In March 2018, the photo has been voted “Photo of the Week” as well as “Photo of the Month”. As you can see in the picture, the photo was taken at the Container terminal Burchardkai in Hamburg, Germany.


ST ANNASTRAND by Ship spotter dk_mistral

A great shot by Ship spotter dk_mistral. The sky was full of grey clouds, giving the photo a spooky look. ST ANNASTRAND is a Belgium-flagged tug with a maximum speed of 11.4 kn. The photo was uploaded in Apr 2019 and voted “Photo of the Month” in Jun 2019.


ZP BISON by Ship spotter Falkenstein_65

Enjoy the most popular tug boat photo on FleetMon.com. It has been taken by ship spotter Falkenstein_65 who joined our community in 2015. In Jan 2018 the picture was voted “Photo of the Week”. The Malta-flagged tug ZP BISON is in service in the port of Hamburg.


BB SUPPORTER by Ship spotter Pattaya

In this shot, ship spotter Pattaya caught the Norway-flagged tug BB SUPPORTER in rough weather. Pattaya is a member of our community since 2011 and has uploaded over 9000 vessel photos! The picture has been uploaded to FleetMon in Oct 2020 and commented by the photographer with: “BB SUPPORTER being at Brynhild Oilfield to support the Jack up rig ROWAN VIKING that is finished with her drilling operations. BB SUPPORTER will be heading for Stavanger as soon as the weather improves.”

This great shot has been voted “Photo of the Week” and “Photo of the Month” by our community in Nov 2020.


VB ROENNEBECK by Ship spotter bassheiner

In Mar 2020, Ship spotter bassheiner took this photo of Germany-flagged tug VB ROENNEBECK in Bremen. It was one of the first photos on our platform showing the tug without the URAG logo which has been painted over after the acquisition of the shipping company Unterweser Reederei (URAG) by the Spanish Boluda Group.

My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally feature two extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of a FleetMon team member.

Tug boat RONJA by Ship spotter Behemoth
Tug boat BUGSIER 5 by Ship spotter KlausKehrls

Taken in Jun 2020 by ship spotter Behemoth, this shot of tug boat RONJA perfectly captured the atmosphere in the port of Gdynia, Poland.

Enjoy a great winter shot from Dec 2010, taken by ship spotter KlausKehrls who joined our community in Jan 2011. See how the trees in the background are covered with snow. The tug BUGSIER 5 was located in the port of Hamburg at the time the picture was taken.