AIS Station Update 07/2021

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Each month, we announce an update on how we extended our terrestrial AIS coverage worldwide. Become an AIS Partner and contribute to Global Maritime Transparency. Please have a look at our latest achievements in terms of FleetMon’s AIS receiving station network.

Patience was one of the key traits our AIS Team had to practice during the last months. In spring, they had been very busy sending out lots of AIS receiving antennas to new AIS partners around the globe. But due to the pandemic and related restrictions, setting up the stations was put on hold by partners or just wasn’t possible in some areas. Now, we see an increase in the number of new AIS stations going online each day. We’re especially happy to have extended terrestrial coverage in South America and Asia. Please browse through our new AIS Stations and increased Port Coverage.

New AIS Stations and Port Coverage



Are you interested to become an AIS Partner of FleetMon?

3 Facts for successfully operating an AIS Station:

  • Location – you are located near the sea or passable inland waters (up to 10 miles from the water), ports, harbors, marinas, canals, or on the top of a mountain
  • Altitude – the altitude of your location (the higher the better),
  • View – clear view of the horizon,
  • Internet and power connection – after installing the antenna you need to connect the AIS device to the internet and provide power constantly.

Reach out to us to become an AIS Partner of FleetMon. We are always looking for new antenna locations to grow our terrestrial AIS coverage worldwide. You’ll get rewarded with a FleetMon Unlimited Subscription for free in case of a successful AIS Partnership. We would especially like to hear from you if you are located in any of the following regions:

  • India
  • Indonesia

Many thanks to all FleetMon AIS Partners for your efforts!