FleetMon Maritime Gallery September 2021

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the Best Maritime Photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community for “Photo of the Week” and “Photo of the Month”. We also present special shots which are less noted but in the same way extraordinary.

In September, we want to showcase popular shots of one of the most important vessel types in terms of maintaining maritime security. We’re proud to have a collection of around 3,700 rescue vessel photos on FleetMon.com. Let’s take a closer look at selected photographs and tell their story.

To all our ship spotters out there: We truly appreciate your work. Keep it up, guys!

THEODOR STORM by Hinkebein

This photo of THEODOR STORM is the first rescue vessel photo to ever become Photo of the Month on FleetMon. Ship Spotter Hinkebein who joined FleetMon in 2019 took the shot in summer 2021. The vessel is part of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association’s (DGzRS) fleet. It was named after the German author Theodor Storm and is in service at Büsum, Germany since 2011.

The photographer’s comment on becoming “Photo of the Week”:

“I am delighted that the rescue cruiser Theodor Storm has managed to become the monthly winner. I spent hours on the pier in the port of Büsum to catch the “cruiser” in motion. The effort was worth it! Thanks for your votes!”


The next selected rescue vessel photo shows ANNELIESE KRAMER, another vessel of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association‘s fleet (DGzRS). They finance their work exclusively through donations and voluntary contributions. That’s the reason, why the ship is called ANNELIESE KRAMER – after her generous German donor. The ship was put into service in 2017 and is stationed in Cuxhaven, Germany.

The dynamic photo of her was uploaded to Fleetmon in 2017 by ship spotter Becks93. He uploaded more than 10,000 (!) vessel photos to our platform since 2010. His work has been a great enrichment for us!


Enjoy this unique shot of rescue vessel HERMANN RUDOLF MEYER at a rescue operation training involving a rescue helicopter. Ship spotter Hamport from Austria joined FleetMon in 2018 and uploaded his most popular photo in March 2019.

The HERMANN RUDOLF MEYER was put into service in 1996. It is stationed in Bremerhaven, while its territory extends over the busy Outer Weser to the German Bight. The vessel is named after a private sponsor of the DGzRS from Bremen, who made her construction possible. The daughter boat CHRISTIAN was named after the sponsor’s grandson.


The vessel BERNHARD GRUBEN was put into service by the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association in 1997. She is stationed in the outer harbor of Hooksiel, Germany. It is named after the foreman of the rescue cruiser ALFRIED KRUPP, who died on January 1st, 1995 during a mission.

Ship spotter antjewhv is part of our community since 2016. She uploaded this beautiful shot to FleetMon.com in summer 2020. Read more about photographer Antje from Wilhelmshaven, Germany, in the latest Ship Spotter Profile on our blog.


Enjoy another popular shot taken by photographer Thomsen72. The rescue vessel WOLFGANG WIESE measures 10.1 meters in length and 3.61 meters in width. It has a draft of 0.96 meters and can go up to 18 knots. The crew of all rescue boats of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Association (DGzRS) is provided solely by volunteers.

Ship spotter Thomsen72 joined FleetMon in 2014. He uploaded 743 vessel photos to FleetMon, most of them being Germany-flagged rescue vessels. Do you like the sunset shot as much as we do?

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My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally feature two extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon team members. Have a closer look at those exceptional rescue vessel photos.

Rescue vessel SEA RESCUE 30 by user Schalk_van_Bosch
Rescue Vessel JAMES by user gibbogibbo