FleetMon supports young talents

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In winter 2020, JAKOTA Cruise Systems | FleetMon called out a Charity Week. Within this week, our employees could submit local societies and social initiatives for FleetMon to support and donate money to. A total amount of 5,000€ in donations was available to be distributed among the submitted suggestions. For us, it was essential to support either a maritime association or make a difference in our immediate local area. One of the initiatives we decided to give money to is the “Deutschlandstipendium” (“Germany scholarship”). We agreed to finance two “Germany scholarships”. Since 2011, the “Deutschlandstipendium” has been promoting students and newcomers who are expected to perform well in their studies and at work. They receive 300 euros per month – half from the federal government and half from private donors. This alliance of civil society engagement and state funding is what makes the “Germany Scholarship” so unique.

Scholarship holder Lars Ratzka (left) and FleetMon’s Human Resource Manager Anne Siebke (right) at the festive event

The scholarship is nationwide, but we decided that two students from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are to be awarded our financial support.

FleetMon has been maintaining extensive and longstanding relationships with the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar. For that reason, it was clear for us that we’d partner with this local academic institution to find suitable candidates. The university carried out a complex selection process among the numerous applicants. Crucial selection criteria are good grades and academic achievements as well as the willingness to take responsibility. Successfully mastering obstacles in one’s own life and educational path could also put a candidate upfront.

A couple of months later, FleetMon’s scholarship holders were firm. We’re proud to announce that we’ll support the following young talents on their academic career path:

Ms. Olena Dongauzer, who starts the second semester of her master’s degree in Architecture and Environment at the beginning of the semester, is already working very successfully as a landscape architect.

Our second scholarship holder is Mr. Lars Ratzka. He is in the 5th semester of his bachelor’s degree in nautical science/traffic management. Besides his studies, he’s voluntarily supporting the Greenpeace local group in Rostock.

On September 14, 2021, the official handover of the Germany Scholarships took place in a festive setting on the campus of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences. The prorector of the University of Wismar and patron of the “Germany Scholarship”, Prof. Dr. rer. pole. Michael Schleicher welcomed the scholarship holders and private sponsors. During the event, he handed out the official certificates to the sponsored scholars. Of course, we took the chance to travel to Wismar to meet our sponsorship holders in person and talk about their future. We’re very happy with the selected candidates. May their academic career be a successful one.