FleetMon Maritime Gallery October 2021

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Welcome to the fifth edition of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the Best Maritime Photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community for “Photo of the Week” and “Photo of the Month”. We also present special shots which are less noted but in the same way extraordinary.

To finish off October, we want to showcase popular shots of one of the most important vessel types in terms of carrying heavy loadings. We’re proud to have a collection of around 2,570 heavy lift cargo vessel photos on FleetMon.com. Let’s take a closer look at selected photographs and tell their story.

To all our ship spotters out there: We truly appreciate your work. Keep it up, guys!

BLUE MARLIN by Lichtschrijver

Have a look at this stunning shot of heavy lift cargo vessel BLUE MARLIN carrying an unusual freight. The photo was taken by ship spotter Lichtschrijver who joined FleetMon in March 2011. He uploaded almost 800 vessel photos to our platform and took the photo in 2012 at the Calandkanaal near Rozenburg in the Netherlands. The photo of BLUE MARLIN is his most popular vessel photo on FleetMon.com. Can you imagine the destination port of the loaded vessels?

BRAVEWIND by insel

The next selected photo belongs to the collection of a very active German ship spotter from the area of the Kiel Canal. The photographer insel captured heavy lift cargo vessel BRAVEWIND carrying parts of wind turbines in the summer of 2021 from the edge of the Kiel Canal. The weather and lighting was perfect leading to a beautiful reflexion in the water. FleetMon user insel joined our community in Sep 2008 and provided vessel photos for almost 3,500 different vessels.

AURA by kanalratte

When it comes to FleetMon’s greatest shots of heavy lift cargo vessels, you definitely should not miss the picture of cargo ship AURA taken by ship spotter kanalratte. He’s another community member from Germany who has been with us for many years, since 2014 to be exact, uploading almost 4,500 vessel photos to our platform. In the picture, AURA is carrying a huge cable spool which is used, for example, for laying pipelines. Have you noticed the unique, pastel-colored sky in the picture? – We say: Beautiful!

PAPENBURG by dl3lat

The next vessel photo we would like to highlight is a shot of heavy lift cargo vessel PAPENBURG carrying parts of a vessel’s hull on the river Elbe, at the entrance of the river Oste. Enjoy the amazing reflexion of a late summer sunset lighting captured by ship spotter dl3lat. The photographer joined our community in Oct 2016 and has been active on the platform ever since. The user’s vessel photo collection uploaded to FleetMon sums up to more than 6000 images!

ZHEN HUA by Marcus-S

In May 2020, heavy lift cargo vessel ZHEN HUA 26 came from Rotterdam carrying heavy parts to extend the Terminal Burchardkai to the port of Hamburg.  Ship spotter Marcus-S who joined FleetMon in Jan 2019 captured spotted her in Cuxhaven. Although Marcus-S has been with us for a little less than 3 years, he uploaded more than 3000 great vessel photos to our platform. Our team had the chance to meet him in person at the FleetMon Community Event in Hamburg in August 2021.

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My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon team members. Have a closer look at this exceptional heavy lift cargo vessel shot.

Heavy cargo vessel BIGLIFT BARENTSZ by user Becks93