FleetMon Maritime Gallery December 2021

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Welcome to the seventh and last edition for 2021 of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the Best Maritime Photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community for “Photo of the Week” and “Photo of the Month”. We also present special shots which are less noted but in the same way extraordinary.

December is all about the beauty of the night. It is about ships appearing in the shadow of the darkness and shining in the lights surrounding them.

Enjoy the most beautiful night-shots taken by ship spotters from our community on FleetMon.com

To all our ship spotters out there: We truly appreciate your work. Keep it up, guys!

EKEN by Raimo

We start with this impressive shot of EKEN by our ship spotter Raimo. It shows the oil tanker in the port of Porvoo, Finland, on Nov 12, 2021, at precisely 8:58 p.m. The night seems clear and cold. Both the ship and the harbor lights illuminate the darkness and let the intense yellow of the cranes shine. EKEN was built in Shanghai in 2004 and sails under the flag of Norway. Since May of this year, ship spotter Raimo has been part of the FleetMon Community and provided over 200 photos.

YAUZA by Sander696

The night is slowly falling over northern Russia. It is 4:14 p.m. on a cold and cloudy day in mid-November 2021. YAUZA sails through the icy waters illuminating the foggy atmosphere. Headlights are reflecting on the surface of the water. We can truly feel the silence of the night just by looking at the photo. Our Russian ship spotter Sander696, being part of our community since 2016 and providing nearly 3000 pictures, seems to be immune to the freezing cold because he still managed to take this great vessel shot.


This excellent nocturnal picture of STENA PERFORMANCE was taken in 2013. The vast tanker lies in the port of Rotterdam on a mild summer night in early August. The sky is clear and dark. Only the tanker’s headlights shine brightly. STENA PERFORMANCE was built in Croatia in 2006 and sails under the flag of Bermuda. Our loyal ship spotter Kniesti took the picture of the tanker. He has been part of the community since 2018 and provided exactly 700 photos for 492 ships.

SANDNES by bassheiner

October 2012, shortly after 7 p.m. in Bremen, Germany: The SANDNES is safe in the harbor. While it is already dark on this autumn day, the huge headlights of the bulk carrier shine in the night sky looking like big bright stars. SANDNES was recorded by another very loyal member of the FleetMon community. Bassheiner has been a member since 2013, and he uploaded 7358 photos of 3759 ships. Wow!

EUROPA 2 by NiTho

To be honest, EUROPA 2 is not in the foreground here. Nevertheless, this photo impressed us so much that it had to be featured in our December gallery. Can you guess why? The fireworks tower over the cruise ship like a giant palm tree making it shine in countless colors. Getting this snapshot was not that easy, as ship spotter NiTho admits. He stood on a very shaky dock, and it worked after taking a hundred unsuccessful pictures. NiTho has been part of the German Ship Spotter Community since 2018 and has provided FleetMon.com with 158 vessel pictures.

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My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally feature extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon team members. Have a closer look at this ice breaker in FleetMon’s home port Rostock. Why do we like this shot? Because it was taken by team member Sebastian.

Yacht STEPHAN JANTZEN by user olias