FleetMon Maritime Gallery February 2022

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Welcome to our second edition for 2022 of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the Best Maritime Photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community. We also present special shots which are less noted but in the same way extraordinary.

February is about the big topic offshore. We show you one of the largest fallpipe rock installation vessel, little but very strong tugs and impressive accommodation pontoons.

Enjoy the most beautiful offshore-themed shots taken by ship spotters from our community on FleetMon.com

To all our ship spotters out there: We truly appreciate your work. Keep it up, guys!

BRAVENES by HannesvanRijn

We open the FleetMon Gallery with this stunning photo of BRAVENES, taken by ship spotter HannesvanRijn. The ship is one of three flexible fallpipe vessels from Van Oord. It has a deadweight of 14,000 tonnes, a length of 154 metres, and a beam of 28 metres. This allows the installing of a wide range of rock sizes. Ship spotter HannesvanRijn has been a member of the FleetMon community since 2011 and has provided over 13,000 photos.


This beautiful image of JOSEPH PLATEAU was taken by our ship spotter AyuAnira. The ship is part of the Jan De Nul Group and is a fall pipe rock-dumping vessel. It can install stones at a depth of 2000m and is equipped with a 40t knuckle boom crane. Since 2015, AyuAnira has been part of our community on FleetMon.com.

MTS Valiant by Ruud-Marcel

At first glance, we couldn’t see the small, inconspicuous tugboat MTS VALIANT in the photo by ship spotter Ruud-Marcel. But it is actually the bright red and white ship that pulls the huge platform across the water. Measuring 27m by 10m, the multi-purpose tug can tow 40 tons. Ship spotter Ruud-Marcel has been part of the FleetMon community since 2017 and has submitted nearly 30,000 photos.

NP 459 by HenkJ

This image by ship spotter HenkJ shows the multi-purpose accommodation pontoon NP 459. It was built in 2016 and measures 82.50m by 27.00m. There is room for 60 people on board; four offices, a mess room, a recreation room, a fitness room, and a coffee corner. HenkJ has been part of the FleetMon community since 2017 and has uploaded over 11,000 photos.


This stunning shot shows SAPURA ONIX. The pipe-laying vessel measures 146m by 30m and was constructed in 2015. The beautiful picture was taken by the ship spotter HenkJ.

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My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally feature extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon team members. Have a closer look at this platform. What an impressive shot, isn’t it? PROSPECTOR 1 is currently located in North Sea.

Offshore Installation / Maintenance / Repair vessel PROSPECTOR 1 by user peter.beentjes