FleetMon Maritime Gallery March 2022

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Welcome to our third edition for 2022 of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. Each month, you’ll find a special section on our blog featuring the Best Maritime Photos in a certain category. You’ll not only get to view the most popular photos being voted by our community. We also present special shots which are less noted but in the same way extraordinary.

March is all about new beginnings. Spring has begun, nature awakens from winter sleep, and the first plants and flowers sprout. The sun also treats us more often now, which brings us to this Maritime Gallery topic. We have compiled the most beautiful photos that show ships shining in bright sunlight.

Enjoy the most beautiful sunlight-themed shots taken by ship spotters from our community on FleetMon.com

To all our ship spotters out there: We truly appreciate your work. Keep it up, guys!

EILEEN C by HarryS

We open our monthly Maritime Gallery with this impressive photo of the general cargo ship EILEEN C. What we especially like about this shot? You can actually feel the stillness surrounding the ship on the water, being kissed by the first rays of the day’s sun. Our Ship Spotter HarryS took the picture. He has been a part of the FleetMon community since 2017 and has already provided 7,437 photos.


We don’t know for sure whether the sun is rising or setting as it illuminates the container ship MSC VIDISHA R in a golden glow. However, this shot is impressive and beautiful. Our ship spotter Kniesti captured this moment at the end of September 2019 and rightly earned a place in this Maritime Gallery. Kniesti has been a member of the FleetMon community since June 2018 and has uploaded nearly 1,000 ship photos.


Taken just minutes after sunset on November 1, 2021, in Porvoo at 16:37 local time, ship spotter Raimo writes about his shot of the chemical tanker ADVANTAGE POINT. The ship seems to lie peacefully on the water, in the background the harbour disappears in the haze of the sunset, the scenery is reflected on the water. An impressive shot by Raimo, who has been part of the FleetMon community since March 2021 and has already provided almost 300 images.


It is not quite 9 o’clock when this beautiful picture of the container ship COSCO INDONESIA was taken. The sun is still low on the horizon and dips the vessel in a golden light. The photo was taken by our ship spotter ManuelHdezLaf, and he has proven with this picture that he was at the right place at the right time. He has been part of our community since September 2020 and has uploaded 2,003 photos during this time.

VB BLEXEN by tsimgar

Looking at this photo, we wish we had been in Bremen together with ship spotter tsimgar this summer evening in June 2020. He managed to capture the tug VB BLEXEN in the perfect evening light. While the sky glows in yellow, orange, and red, the play of colors is reflected on the water. Ship spotter tsimgar, whose home port is Bremen, by the way, has been part of the FleetMon community since June 2021 and has uploaded 1,681 ship photos since then.

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My Photobox Special:

Each month, we’ll additionally feature extraordinary photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon team members. Have a closer look at this sailingship. What an impressive shot, isn’t it? SEDOV is currently located in Kaliningrad.

Sailing ship SEDOV by user SkvortsoFF