FleetMon Crew at International Career Day

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What is it like to have fleets from all over the world in your hands?

It is Thursday evening, June 8, in the atrium of the Konrad Zuse Building at the University of Rostock. A fresh breeze blows through the extensive hall while the summer seems to have arrived outside. Students bustle between the doors, slowly filling the room. Then it’s time, punctually at 5 p.m., for the International Career Day to open.

We from FleetMon have already set up our booths with the other companies and can’t wait for the program to start.

FleetMon team members Laura, Daniel, Anne and Steffi at the International Career Day of the University of Rostock.

The evening begins with pitches from the companies and institutions. Each representative has 2 minutes to introduce their employer. Not only do the job candidates listen to the speeches, but we also hear very carefully what our co-exhibitors have to say. The atmosphere is great and exuberant. At the end of each pitch, everybody applauds loudly.

Many students and other interested people came to the Konrad-Zuse-Haus and listened to the companies’ pitches.

And then it’s finally FleetMon’s turn. Employee and network administrator Laura takes the stage. She opens her pitch with the words:

What is it like to have fleets from all over the world in your hands?

With this question, she has the attention of her audience. So what is it like to track ships with FleetMon? This can be easily explained with an example. One of our biggest customers, Daimler, wants to know where the car parts they shipped are located. Or, more precisely, the company likes to find out when the ship will arrive at the port of destination. With the help of our customized APIs, which we develop here in Rostock, we can provide the answers to these questions.

However, FleetMon is not only focused on developing powerful APIs, and individual software solutions, a large and significant part of our work consists of research and development. For this purpose, FleetMon cooperates with the largest and most renowned universities worldwide (e.g., Oxford and Stanford), receives funding in the millions, and has completed numerous projects that increase safety and transparency in the shipping industry.

We were very pleased with the great number of interested people coming to our stand.

But not only our customers come from all over the world. At our company headquarters in Rostock, 30 employees from nine nations work together. One team, one goal: to revolutionize the maritime logistics industry. And that was the end of Laura’s strong and great pitch.

After the presentations, the students had the opportunity to get information about the respective companies and institutions at the booths. Everyone gave a lot of time to answer the questions and present themselves in the best possible way to potential applicants. We at FleetMon also had our hands full. We are very grateful that so many were interested in our work for and at FleetMon.

If you also want to become part of our team, develop innovative products together with us and work in an international environment, then apply online!

We are a great team, the atmosphere is open-minded and friendly. Everyone is here to help and support you from day one. You will take responsibility and work on great projects. Let’s go! We are looking forward to meeting you!