New Pricing and Plans: Tracking Just Got Easier! (Update)

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At FleetMon, we have always been pioneers in the maritime data industry. Established in 2007, we developed the world’s first open-access shipping database. Since then, we have never grown tired of digitalizing shipping and vessel traffic and making it even more transparent.

15 years of FleetMon. 15 years of innovations. 7 years of constant pricing and plans.

Continuing to improve your FleetMon experience and stay in line with the market, we are adjusting our pricing and plans on September 6, 2022.

New FleetMon Pricing & Plans Page Preview
Preview of our new Pricing & Plans page. (Final page may look different)

Our former Open Plan becomes the Starter Plan, the Unlimited Plan turns into the Professional Plan, the Unlimited Sat 15 Plan changes to the Business Plan and the Unlimited Sat 50 Plan becomes the Enterprise Plan.

But your FleetMon plan is getting much more than just a new name. You will be getting a much clearer view of global vessel traffic!

As the first company worldwide, FleetMon combines terrestrial and satellite AIS and makes it available for all accounts. The best AIS in all plans. Tracking just got easier.

  • If it is terrestrial or satellite AIS it doesn’t matter! You have access to all signals.
  • Signals without delay! Your My Fleet shows the latest vessel positions.

Update from 01 September: Here Are the Basic Changes for Each Plan

Starter Plan (formely Open Plan)

From September 6, all Starter Plans will include limited satellite AIS in addition to terrestrial AIS. So even users with a free FleetMon plan benefit from accurate live position data.

Professional Plan (formerly Unlimited Plan)

Clients with a Professional Plan will benefit from the total power of our extensive AIS network. You will receive full coverage from our terrestrial and our satellite signals. We have also increased the number of monthly free credits to 250. We offer a 3-day trial period including free credits in case you want to test all the features of this plan first.

Business Plan (formerly Unlimited SAT 15 Plan)

With a Business Plan, you have all the benefits that the Professional Plan offers. In addition, we have increased the Historical Tracks retrieval time from 180 days to 365 days. If you are unsure if this plan suits your needs, we also offer a three-day trial period including free credits that allows you to try out all the features at your leisure.

Enterprise Plan (formerly Unlimited SAT 50 Plan)

Get the most out of your FleetMon experience with this plan. Not only do you benefit from the full range of features, but we also support you in the onboarding process and set up a premier service-level agreement.
Company accounts will remain available for Professional, Business and Enterprise Plans.

Stay tuned!

Our adjustments will start on September 6, 2022. The transition will be automatic. You do not need to do anything else. See all the adjustments and renewals on September 6 also on our new Pricing and Plans page.

Feel free to contact our sales and support team if you have any questions!