AIS Partnership: Cooperation Between Fleetmon and Rostock Maritime Museum Sealed

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Some cooperations and partnerships are particularly special to us at FleetMon. These include, above all, those with a connection to our home port of Rostock, Germany. The newest cooperation we have started is with the Maritime Museum. We installed an AIS antenna there and expanded our network; at the same time, we enriched the Maritime Museum with a new attraction.

Since 1970, the DRESDEN is used as a museum ship. ©Maritime Museum Rostock

The Maritime Museum is not only something extraordinary because of its location on the Warnow River and view of the Rostock overseas harbor. It is also the largest floating museum in Germany. On board the ship, visitors can experience life at sea and feel like a sailor themselves for once. Numerous rooms and exhibits have been preserved in their original form and make a visit to the traditional ship a unique experience.

DRESDEN in FleetMon Explorer ©FleetMon

Incidentally, the idea to install an AIS antenna on the ship came from two former Marine Signal Operators who still work as volunteers on the vessel. They contacted our AIS Network Manager Sebastian Olias and gave the final impulse for the cooperation.

The joint project “Live view on maritime traffic,” between FleetMon, IGA Park Rostock and the Maritime Museum is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our AIS network and to give museum visitors an insight into the surrounding shipping traffic with the FleetMon Explorer. In addition to the AIS station, a screen was also installed in the ship’s navigation room. Now young and old can track the ship’s traffic in real-time and view detailed information about the various vessels.

From left to right: Detlef Stolz (Former Signal Officer), Oliver Fudickar (CEO IGA Park Rostock), Madlen Klein (Museum Educator), Juergen Oehler (Marine Signal Engineer) and Sebastian Olias (AIS Network Manager at FleetMon)

“By adding the AIS station, we ideally combine the analog and digital worlds on the traditional ship. Our guests can now follow the vessel movements from the deck and, at the same time, inform themselves about the current locations and navigation courses of other vessels at the AIS station”, says Oliver Fudickar.

For us at FleetMon, such cooperations are matters of the heart. In addition, we are always looking for locations for our AIS stations so that we can continuously expand our own network, which consists of over 5,000 antennas. This way, we can guarantee our customers and partners the best AIS data and coverage for their maritime operations.

“With our products, we play at the top of the world from our location in Rostock. We have a close connection to our home base and like to support projects in the region, especially those with a maritime connection, of course,” says Sebastian Olias.

“In order to provide our customers with the best possible coverage, we are always looking for people, ships, or institutions to install our antennas on their place. We are pleased to expand our network by installing the station on the museum ship and making the port and the global flow of goods experienceable for visitors.”

If you are a public facility, museum, or institution and are interested in working with FleetMon and setting up an AIS station, please feel free to contact us. Each request is answered by us personally, and since no cooperation is like another, we take the time to find out together with you which is the best way of collaboration.