FleetMon Maritime Gallery December 2022

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Welcome to the last edition for 2022 of the FleetMon Maritime Gallery. This month, we feature all twelve Photos of the Month in 2022 voted by the FleetMon Community. Scroll through the months and see which vessel photos were the most successful.

Last but not least: Thanks to all of our loyal ship spotter out there! Thank you for every single photo uploaded in 2022, thank you for every comment, and thank you for every edit to our data sheets. Keep up the good work!

January: Container ship ANINA by dk_mistral

Container ship ANINA transits the Kiel Canal near Rendsburg.

February: Vehicle carrier GRAND AURORA by cepege13

Vehicle carrier GRAND AURORA moored in the port of Bremerhaven. 

March: LPG tanker B GAS MAUD by Dieter_K

LPG tanker B GAS MAUD crossing the Kiel Canal at the height of Claustal. 

April: RoRo ship CLIPPER POINT by Fuzzy01

RoRo ship CLIPPER POINT enters the port of Cuxhaven. 

May: Pusher/Tug EN AVANT 10 by leadance

Tug EN AVANT 10 navigates through the Kiel Canal at the height of Fischerhütte. 

June: Pusher/Tug ALBATROS by U-kasz

Tugboat ALBATROS in full speed.

July: Bulk carrier OCEAN FAVOUR by dk_mistral

The bulk carrier OCEAN FAVOUR on its maiden call in Hamburg. 

August: Law enforcement vessel BORKUM by Hinkebein

The law enforcement vessel BORKUM underway in the Kiel Canal near Westerrönfeld. 

September: Cargo and passenger vessel FLATOY by Dieter_K

Cargo and passenger vessel FLATOY in Sandvikvag in Norway. 

October: General cargo vessel CHIPOLBROK STAR by insel

General cargo vessel CHIPOLBROK STAR heading west in the Kiel Canal off the Schülp turnout on August 19, 2022.

November: Bulk carrier LEGIONY POLSKIE by Josiek

Bulk carrier LEGIONY POLSKIE underway in the Kiel Canal. 

December: Vehicle carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY by Dieter_K

Vehicle carrier SCHELDE HIGHWAY crosses the Kiel Canal at the location of Sehestedt.

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My Photobox Special:

Well, it’s time for the FleetMon Photobox Special! In each of our maritime galleries, we feature memorable photos found in the “My Photobox” of the FleetMon crew members. This time Steffi from our Support Team dug into her personal gallery, and this is her favorite photo from 2022. Thanks, Steffi!

This photo shows the bulk carrier AMORGOS BOLTEN photographed in the beautiful evening light by ship spotter tsimgar in Bremen.