AIS Station Update 12/2022

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For the last time of the year, we announce an update on how we extended our terrestrial AIS coverage worldwide. Become an AIS Partner and contribute to Global Maritime Transparency. Take a look at the latest achievements regarding FleetMon’s AIS station network extension.

The largest expansion of our network was achieved in Europe.

New AIS Stations and Port Coverage

At FleetMon, we are incredibly proud of our extensive network of AIS partners around the globe, and together we have installed our own network of AIS receivers. Not only do we benefit from this constant expansion, but also our AIS partners enjoy several advantages.

Therefore, we would like to say a big thank you to all our partners around the world in our last AIS Station Update of the year!

And once again, we set up numerous stations in Europe – but also a lot in North America and Asia.


Australia & Oceania

  • NZ, Whanganui Port
  • AU, Cairns
  • AU, River Heads
  • AU, Yorketown

South America

North America



New AIS Stations and Port Coverage in the United States and Canada.
New AIS Stations and Port Coverage in Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tonga and Mozambique.
New AIS Stations and Port Coverage in Türkiye, Bangladesh and Brunei.

Why don’t you become an AIS Partner of FleetMon?

Reach out to us to become an AIS Partner of FleetMon. Because we’re is always looking for new antenna locations to grow our terrestrial AIS coverage worldwide. In case of a successful AIS partnership, you’ll get rewarded with a FleetMon Professional Plan for free. So, we would especially like to hear from you if you are located in any of the following regions:

  • Colombia
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Philippines

Many thanks to all FleetMon AIS Partners for your efforts!

Feel free to visit our Help Center to find out What is required to become an AIS Partner?