The Journey of FleetMon, MarineTraffic and Kpler Begins

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Exciting times at FleetMon, MarineTraffic, and Kpler! We reported last week on the significant acquisition of our company along with MarineTraffic by Kpler, which promises to shake up the maritime data market. Since the announcement, everyone has been excited about what this new partnership will mean for the teams and the industry.

We at FleetMon were very pleased to welcome Demitris Memos (CEO of MarineTraffic), George Charikiopoulos (Head of Business Technology at MarineTraffic) and Nikos Psaltopoulos (COO of MarineTraffic) personally in Rostock.

One of the most exciting developments has been the opportunity for teams from all three companies to come together virtually and in person. Last week and earlier this week, we welcomed our new colleagues from Kpler and MarineTraffic to our office in Rostock, Germany. The mood was electric as everyone got to know each other, shared plans and visions for the future, and celebrated this new chapter in our collective history.

There was a great exchange between FleetMon and MarineTraffic about the power that the companies offer together.

Of course, it wasn’t all just socializing and getting to know each other. There were serious negotiations and strategic discussions taking place as well. We discussed how to integrate our teams and technologies, how to leverage each other’s strengths, and how to create a unified vision for the future of maritime data.

One of the biggest advantages of this acquisition is the opportunity to combine our strengths in AIS tracking and commodities data. With this addition to Kpler’s expertise in commodities intelligence, we will be able to provide even more valuable insights and analytics to our clients. By joining forces, we are creating a more comprehensive and powerful maritime data stack that will help companies across the supply chain make better decisions and improve their operations.

Carsten Hilgenfeld (Head of Research & Development at FleetMon) is presenting the roadmap for the coming weeks.

It’s been an exciting two weeks to see our team from FleetMon, and the teams from MarineTraffic and Kpler come together and begin to work as a cohesive unit. We’ve already made great progress in laying out plans for the future and identifying areas where we can create market-changing innovations. With our combined resources, knowledge, and expertise, we are well-positioned to transform the maritime data market and deliver even more value to our customers.