Ship Spotter Spotlight: Schalk from South Africa

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In 2021, we started to put the spotlight on our passionate ship spotters. Each month, we showcase a different photographer of In March 2023, you’ll meet a maritime enthusiast from South Africa (User name: Schalk_van_Bosch) who joined FleetMon in 2014.

What is your maritime background?

I work with Sebastian Olias, Juliane Lehmann, Laura Heinermann and Soroush Rouhani in FleetMon’s AIS Team. If I come across a vessel that needs a photo I upload it the same goes for the datasheets.

When did you start to take photos of vessels?

2 years ago.

What is your motivation for being a ship spotter?

I like taking photos with the drone, and try to attach photos to all the vessels so all of them have at least one photo (talking about a challenge).

Special Vessel Shot

Cruise liner SILVER WHISPER by ship spotter Schalk_van_Bosch.

We had 2 cruise ships that made a visit in Mossel Bay at the same time, was a very good sight indeed. I have a couple of videos as well.

How often are you on tour to shoot vessels?

I’m a Freelancer – when an opportunity arises.

Which technical equipment do you use to capture vessel moments?

I use a DJI Mini 2 drone.

Which vessel types do you like to take photos of the most and why?

All the types, I am a water baby and vessels vaccinate me so much.

How many pictures of different vessels have you collected since you started?

130 photos, my goal is to upload more than Sebastian Olias.

Where is your favorite ship spotting location so far?

Only spot I could take photos of vessels is my home town Mossel Bay.

Which worldwide ship spotting location would you like to visit if you had the chance to?

Germany, will see you guys soon then I will take a lot of photos.

Is there anything you would like to improve when it comes to uploading photos to

So far all good, got the hang of it.

(We appreciate it, Schalk!)